NFL Picks Week Three - DLT's Deadlocks

Sept. 9, 2012; Tampa FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans in the crowd against the Carolina Panthers during the first half at Raymond James Stadium. The Buccaneers defeated the Panthers 16-10. Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

Ironically, it was a week very symptomatic of my favorite ballclub, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the early games last week I got off to a great jump and it looked to be a good week - but just like my Buccos, down the stretch I went down (and went hard).

Since there appears to be a bit of synergy with the Buccaneers and yesterday was the official Talk Like a Pirate day. I'm going to do this pick segment in pirate speak.

Just to show you how bad this is going to be...let's start with a terrible joke. What be a pirate's favorite letter? ARRRR!

So avast ye scallywags - feast your eyes on another mediocre band of selections. Set yer course on the continue reading...

Ye Olde Picks

Season: 16-16 50% Upset Specials: 0-3 0%

Last Week: 9-7 56% Upset Specials: 0 for 1

Thursday Night

Upset Special: Panthers 27, Giants 17 - T' sizely landlubbers of New Jersey came out 'o t' battle with the Buccaneers 'o Tampa Bay with many a matey feeling a sea sick. On a short week, th' Panthers take advantage 'o th' banged up Giants


Cowboys 27, Buccaneers 21 - As much as I'd like to pick me jim laddies from Tampa Bay, th' Horse Traders take advantage 'o a bad Buccaneers keel haul.

Colts 30, Jaguars 20 - Admiral Andrew Luck seems to be th' real treasure in Indy. In Galleon against a Jaguars motley crew that ain't a formidable opponent, they find yet another bounty.

Bills 23, Browns 16 - I be a Bills believer. Takin' on a bad Browns team that appears to bein' a rudderless ship.

Jets 20, Dolphins 17 - Who be th' real New York Jets? Perhaps a wee more Captain Tim will be th' answer t' findin' success against th' Dolphins.

Saint 38, Chiefs 23 - Finally th' Saints find a crew they can beat. Th' Chiefs be scallywags.

Redskins 30, Bengals 20 - Cap'n Robert Griffin III tasted th' bitter rum o' defeat fer th' first time. He be bouncin' back against a Bengals crew whose ship be takin' on water.

Bears 23, Rams 17 - St. Louis may 'ave beaten Washington but th' Bears be a tough crew 'n at galleon they should win.

49ers 30, Vikings 13 - 49ers lookin' fer gold in Minnesota 'n they be find in' a crew ready t' give t' give up th' booty.

Upset Special #2: Titans 23, Lions 16 - Th' Lions 'ave ne'er been a good travellin' crew. Now they face a Titans crew desperate fer a sinkin' o' thar own.

Chargers 26, Falcons 13 - Atlanta be comin' off a tough Monday Night battle wit' th' Broncos 'n 'ave t' travel across th' seas t' th' West coast. That not bein' a course wit' a fair wind.

Cardinals 23, Eagles 20 - Th' surprisin' Cardinals continue thar strin' o' victorious battles wit' a win at galleon against th' scallywags o' Philadelphia. Arrr!

Upset Special #3: Raiders 30, Steelers 20 - Th' Raiders finally find a chest filled wit doubloons against a Pittsburgh crew chartin' a long course.

Texans 26, Broncos 20 - Admiral Peyton be back ship against a surgin' Texans crew that has a chance 'n t' be a tough krewe t' best.

Sunday Night

Ravens 27, Patriots 13 - New England be surprised by Arizona at ship 'n now must go on seas t' face a talented Baltimore crew that shall be fightin' t' th' bitter end.

Monday Night

Packers 26, Seahawks 20 - Avast! Th' Packers be right n' th' ship but th' Seahawks give them all cannons firin'.

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