Lets move on and focus on Dallas

So we have to move on from kneeldowngate and the blown lead to the Giants and focus on the Cowboys. The Cowboys are the most talented in my opinion out the NFC east. However they lack the coaching and just the heart to close the deal especially if they are down early. For the past two games the Bucs have jumped out to early and commanding leads but have let off the gas pedal in the second halves.

Demarcus Ware is a beast and he will cause havoc but we must do our best to protect Freeman. The O line did a great job in pass protection against the Giants I wonder if they can hold up against thee 3-4 defense. I also think that this game will show how overated the Cowboys secondary is. The CB tandem looks good on paper and Carr especially looks great to me. Claiborne however looks solid. But not a shutdown as people are making him out to be. We will get a closer look at how good they really are. I expect the Bucs to expose them honestly. We have done a great job of stopping the run overall even though Brown was getting good runs last game however I see us keeping Murray in check. If we get the Cowboys early and have the lead by halftime I believe we can win this game. Here are some keys to the game:


We have to run the ball. Coach Schiano has been preaching this and I was a little skeptical because frankly I didnt believe it would happen. As many weapons as we have at WR I dont see how we would be a run first team. Even with Martin I still believed that Blount would be used but for the past two games we haven't. We should use him but even if hes not the O-line has to make holes for Martin in the inside and we need to make more runs to the outside as well. I do expect us to run the ball better against the Cowboys because they aren't very good at stopping the run.


We have to put up points. Keep the chains moving. Sustain a drive. We cant have 3 and outs and keep putting the defense in the position to save the day all game. They need a rest.


The Cowboys O-line is pretty bad. I expect us to get to him and cause some turnovers and we will need it because they have Bryant Witten and Austin who can be dangerous especially if we blitz and it doesn't get their and we end up with one on one matchups again on the outside.


The coaching must be better. We have to make the right adjustments in the gameplan when needed. We dont want to lose another lead because of bad coaching.

I think we will win this game 27-17.

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