Daily Bucs Links 9/18/12 - The controversy continues

Right or wrong? Opinions vary on Schiano-Coughlin dustup | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Lots of opinions.

Experts: Greg Schiano was doing his job - NFC South Blog - ESPN
And other experts disagree.

Old-school NFL voices appreciate Greg Schiano’s approach | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports
More pro-Schiano views.

Herm Edwards supports Schiano's attempt at Miracle in the Meadowlands II vs. Giants | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Where's the experts beating down Schiano?

NFL sides with Buccaneers on kneel-down controversy | ProFootballTalk
Ehm, whether this was legal was never in question. It was obviously a legal play.

Schiano, Flacco will regret comments - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
Ah, there's one.

Greg Schiano, Bucs right to play to end of game - ESPN
And back to supporting Schiano.

Fennelly: Bucs' Schiano earns trip to the woodshed | TBO.com
Work to do.

Bucs notes: Defense rests after halftime vs. Giants | TBO.com

The Day After "Kneel Gate" | Best Bucs Coverage - 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal
Everything questions this stuff.

PR Analysis: Tampa Bay's Offensive Game Grades vs. New York | Pewter Report
Everyone loves grades.

The NFL Doesn't Care What You Think Of Replacement Refs - SBNation.com
Sad but true. *headbangs*

Schiano has no regrets about ordering his defense to attack with Giants in victory formation | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Worked four times in five years, he claims.

Blitzing Tampa Bay Buccaneers took risks against New York Giants - Tampa Bay Times
interesting comments.

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What we learned from Sunday's nine early games - NFL.com
NFL notes.

Week 2: New Orleans Saints' defense down; Andrew Luck shines - NFL.com
More week 2 notes.

Bucs aggressive play on kneel down met with punches from Giants player | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Hardly surprising.

EXCLUSIVE: Bucs Punched By Giants Players | Steve Duemig - 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal
Good video here.

No Moral Victories As Bucs Move Into Cowboys Season | Pewter Report
Get ready for the next one.

Schiano On Call At End Of Game: "It’s A Clean, Hard, Tough, Finish-The-Game Play" | Pewter Report
Press conference transcript.

Loss proves Bucs aren't at elite level -- yet | Fox Sports Florida

Bucs, Schiano send message against Giants | Fox Sports Florida
Message being: we're going to play hard - and then lose.

[Video] HC Greg Schiano Day After Game Press Conference | Buccaneers.com
Press conferences everywhere.

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