How is your NFL Crystal Ball? (Online Fun Contest)

Part Uno

Alright here it is – your shot to prove your NFL CRYSTAL BALL is clear as an autumn sky, to prove you KNOW not only the Tampa Bay Buccaneers , the NFL, and what’s going to happen in the 2012-2013 season – but that you are man (or woman) of mettle. Many of us remember that BucFan won the prestigious: Semi-Non Official Buc Nation Draft Prediction Championship for 2012, if your still crying over losing here is your chance at redemption. However it WON’T be easy….no no this will be a grueling…brain wracking…..carpal tunnel inducing prediction challenge that will cover the NFL pre-season, regular season, and of course our beloved Buccaneers. (Ok so it won’t be that grueling but I had to build it up somehow). Without further ado I give you the rules and chance to compete for the title of:

The Great Predictilator & Buc Prognosticator

How it works: (Answer the below questions it's SAT style with multiple choice - Rules down at the bottom)

Part UNO - The NFC and AFC West

1) Who will win the AFC West?

A. Denver Broncos (1 Point)

B. Kansas City Chiefs (3 Points)

C. Oakland Raiders (7 Points)

D. San Diego Chargers (4 Points)

2) Who will win the NFC West?

A. Arizona Cardinals (7 Points)

B. San Francisco 49ers (1 Point)

C. Seattle Seahawks (4 Points)

D. St. Louis Rams (9 Points)

3) After the Buccaneer’s wisely nabbed Vincent Jackson the Charger’s signed Robert Meachum to be their deep threat, how many touchdown passes will he catch in the 2012-2013 season?

A. Zero (5 Points)

B. 1-3 (3 Points)

C. 4-6 (1 Point)

D. 7-10 (3 Points)

E. 11 Or More (6 Points)

4) The Seattle Seahawks has a three way QB derby going right now, who will be their starter opening day September 9th at Arizona?

A. Matt Flynn (2 Points)

B. Russell Wilson (4 Points)

C. Tavaris Jackson (4 Points)

5) During the pre-season, Tampa Bay Backup QB Dan Orlovsky will throw?

A. More Touchdowns than interceptions (3 Points)

B. More Interceptions than Touchdowns (2 Points)

C. The same number of touchdowns and interceptions (1 point)

6) The Kansas City Chiefs signed Peyton Hillis in the off-season , but also bring back Jamal Charles and have gadget player Dexter McCluster , and Draft Phantom man-crush Cyrus Gray. Hillis has been the subject of many rumors this off-season…how many yards will he have at the mid-way point of the season? (After the Chiefs have played 8 games).

A. Less than 100, hes a bust(3 Points)

B. 100 – 250 , hes a big meh…(2 Points)

C. 251 – 400 , solid contributor(3 Points)

D. 401 – 600 , solid starter again (4 Points)

E. More than 600, the brama bull would be back(4 Points)

7) Alex Smith threw for 3,144 yards last season, will he throw for more or less than 2,999.5 yards this season?

A. More (3 Points)

B. Less (3 Points)

8) New Denver QB Peyton Manning has averaged more than 2 TD throws per game during his career but is coming off a neck injury that cost him all of last season. His first four games are Pittsburgh, @Atlanta, Houston, and Oakland. Will he have more or less than 7.5 touchdown throws after those games?

A. More (3 Points)

B. Less (3 Points)

9) Everyone knows Larry Fitzgerald is the man….but who will be the man standing next to the man at the end of the season. Which of these 4 Arizona WR’s will have the highest pass receiving yardage?

A. Early Doucet (4 Points)

B. Michael Floyd (3 Points)

C. Andre Roberts (5 Points)

D. DeMarco Sampson (10 Points)

10. Buccaneer 2nd year player Adrian Clayborn was highlighted in Pro Football Weekly as a potential breakout player, how many sacks will he finish the season with? (In the event he finishes with a half sack in the total it will be rounded up)

A. 0-3, you doubting Thomas (5 Points)

B. 4-6, not quite heresy but close (3 points)

C. 7-9, you fence rider (2 points)

D. 10-12, the beast has arrived (4 points)

E. More than 12, He’s a man among boys (6 points)

11. Which of these “long shot” rookie QBs will finish with the most passing yards in the pre-season?

A. Alex Tanney Monmouth/Kansas City (2 points)

B. Jarrett Lee LSU/San Diego (2 points)

C. Austin Davis So. Miss/ St. Louis (2 points)

D. Ryan Lindley San Diego St. / Arizona (1 point - hey he was actually drafted)

12. Last season the San Francisco 49ers won 13 games, but Vegas has set the line on their wins at 10.5 and the under is getting more action than the over…how many games will San Francisco win in 2012-2013?

A. More than 10 (4 Points)

B. 10 or fewer (4 points)

13. Kevin Kolb and John Skelton are both in contention for the Cardinals starting QB position, it may not be decided, finally , in the pre-season by the end of the season who will have started the most number of games. (Ties go to Kevin Kolb)

A. Kevin Kolb (2 Points)

B. John Skelton (3 Points)

14. The St. Louis Rams WR corp is still rather young and unheralded which of them will have the most receiving yards at the end of the season?

A. Denario Alexander (5 Points)

B. Danny Amendola (3 Points)

C. Chris Givens (4 Points)

D. Austin Pettis (4 Points)

E. Brian Quick (4 Points)

F. Greg Salas (6 Points)

G. Steve Smith (3 Points)

15. The Tampa Bay Bucs just signed former Rutgers Long Snapper Andrew DePaola, with our penchant for signing Rutgers players how many will be on our 53 man roster on September 2nd (Injured Reserve & Practice Squad do not count)

A. Zero(10 Points)

B. One (7 Points)

C. Two (5 Points)

D. Three (3 Points)

E. Four (3 Points)

F. Five (5 Points)

G. Six (7 Points)

H. More than Six (10 Points)

16. Peyton Manning travels into Oakland on the 6th of December, it’s been forever since the Raiders have had an All-Pro or stable QB situation, maybe Carson Palmer will change that…how many Raider QB’s will have started a game by the time Peyton comes to town?

A. One (3 Points)

B. Two (3 Points)

C. Three (6 Points)

D. More than Three (10 Points)

17. The San Francisco 49ers signed Randy Moss this off-season, but he has a shall we say “colorful” history of problems , will he be on the 49ers roster at the end of the regular season?

A. Yes (3 Points)

B. No (3 Points)

18. The S&P 500 Index is currently sitting at 1,394….new rookie runningback Doug Martin appears to have the top spot in his sights, will Doug Martin finish within 100 all purpose yards of the S&P 500 average at the end of the season?

A. Yes (2 Points)

B. No (1 Point)

19. The Tampa Bay Rays are currently on the outside looking in for one of two wild card spots , the Tampa Bay Bucs are sitting at 0-0 with a rookie head coach, which will make the postseason?

A. Both the Rays and Bucs make the playoffs (3 Points)

B. The Rays make it the Bucs don’t (3 Points)

C. The Bucs make it the Rays don’t (3 Points)

D. Neither Makes it (3 Points)

20. The Buc’s first four opponents are Carolina, @ NY Giants, @ Dallas, and home against Washington, how many wins will they have following the Washington game (and headed into a bye week).

A. 0 (6 Points – you’d earn the points but we reserve the right to run you out of town)

B. 1 (4 Points)

C. 2 (3 Points)

D. 3 (4 Points)

E. 4 (6 Points --- you homer)


--We are 4+ weeks from the start of the NFL regular season. (Thus there will be 4 parts)

--Each week on Monday I will post a set of 20 questions, covering each NFL division, some questions in the pre-season, most from the regular season.

--Some questions will be straight forward …..some will be head scratchers ………some may be downright goofy.

--You have a week (Till the following Monday at 11:59PM EST) to answer that set of 20 questions (I can’t write answers to all 100 questions at the end that would be goofy). The following week look for a new post on the Great Predictilator & Buc Prognosticator.

--Answers that are longer odds are worth more points than playing chalk. Each question has the number of points it’s worth, written next to the answer.

--You may change your answer at any time prior to the following Monday (but please post it as a reply to yourself)

--I will post updated standings at the conclusion of the pre-season and every few weeks in the regular season (but on a Wednesday so it’s not interfering in games – the same reason I’m starting on a Monday….gives us a few days to discuss the pre-season games then something to entertain during the wait).

Upcoming Issues:

8/13 : NFC & AFC North

8/20 : NFC & AFC East

8/27: NFC & AFC South

So Will you be the Great Predictilator? Or will you prove that you don't know a buccing thing?

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