Waiver Wire Bronze

Let’s face it the final cut down waiver wire is typically not the best place to search for a diamond in the rough. You are not striking gold on the wavier wire those players simply are not put there (at least 999 times out of 1,000), whoever you can hit waiver wire bronze. However even if you can’t find silver players…certainly this team needs some quality upgrades in terms of depth (our game against Washington and 2nd half of other games should illustrate that point – our subs made Ryan Tannehill a starting QB after all). With that in mind I give you the waiver wire Bronze (in order)

Also included are my practice squad picks denoted by an * if the player is practice squad eligible.

(with updates throughout the day until final cuts are due 9pm EST tonight)

(U) - Indicates update as of 10:07 pm EST ......full lists not yet finalized or released by NFL

1) Dwan Edwards (34DE/43DT) Buffalo Bills

Might be an ideal fit in Tampa he’s played the last 2 seasons in Buffalo after starting his career out of Oregon St. for the Baltimore Ravens. Last season he played in all 16 games as a 3-4 DE securing 52 tackles (29solo) and 2.5 sacks. Not really a penetrator but does an exceptional job as a two gap player and holds his ground well also can seal the outside edge. Given Schiano’s propensity to switch to a 3 man line at times the 8 year veteran could be the kind of ideal depth we need. He’s listed at 6’3” 302lbs for anyone whose curious.

2) Domonique Franks CB Atlanta / Oklahoma

Atlanta has some pretty good depth at CB but its still a minor surprise for me that Franks was cut. He started 4 games last season deflecting 5 passes and recording a pair of interceptions. I never thought this guy would be an NFL starter but he’s better than any backup we currently have on the team and is still young (24) he has some more growing to do. He would be my #1 current target at CB.

3) Ovie Mughelli FB St. Louis

A nine year veteran he’s started from the Ravens and Falcons and been a pretty reliable lead blocker. I’m a little surprised St. Louis let him go ….They appear to be going with Brit Miller. I’m not sure that it weighed any on St. Louis’s decision but website reports the Ovie is a homosexual surfaced during training camp…I’d hope that played no role in the decision but he’s still a good football player.

4) Martin Tevaseau NT NY Jets/ UNLV

6’2” 325 Tevaseau has never really been ideal in terms of lower body strength to be a 3-4 nose tackle and I’ve always felt he was miscast in that roll. He’s split time with the Browns and Jets but has only played in 5 games. I’d love to see him get a shot in a 4-3 scheme where his upper body strength and agility will be more emphasized than his ability to anchor. I always saw him as more of a penetrator rather than a pure wall-o-man.

(U)5) Syd’Quan Thompson CB Denver

Syd’Quan might as well call himself mighty mouse so he’s strictly a slot corner back. Standing 5’7 in high tops SydQuan has blazing speed and can contribute in the return game as well. He’s probably one of the more annoying slot corners out there but can certainly provide some quality snaps on defense.

6) Joselio Hanson CB Philadelphia

Not exactly a ball hawk with only 4 career interceptions in 7 seasons. Hanson was originally a UFA out of Texas Tech and has split time between the 49ers and Eagles. He also played a year in the old world league so he’s not exatly a spring chicken anymore. He is also undersized at 5’9” 170lbs but he is a pretty viable slot corner and might be a better option than anyone we have on the roster at the moment in that role.

(U)7) Mike Kafka QB Philadelphia / Northwestern

Got bumped by Nick Foles which I think is a mistake. Foles is a great passer….Kafka is a quarterback and leader. Not than he can’t throw , he was a third stringer in 2010 and outperformed Vince Young last year to earn the backup spot behind Vick despite it being given to the more highly known Vince Young. Kafka was the subject of several trade rumors in the off-season and several teams called but ..typical Eagles they ask for the farm. Now that hes a free agent he should get some quality phone calls.

8) Brian Hoyer QB New England / Michigan State

Some might argue that keeping a 3rd QB is a waste..that may be but Hoyer was trusted to be Brady’s backup for the past three seasons. However Dan Orlvsky has been nothing special and if something were to happen to Freeman having Hoyer, if nothing else to push Orlavsky, could fit well into our plans. Undrafted out of Michigan St. Hoyer stands 6’2” 215 but lacks the athleticism of 2nd year player Ryan Mallet (along with Mallet’s cannon arm) and had a pedestrian 2012 pre-season going 22 of 47 (an appalling 46.8%) for 196 yards with 1 touchdown and 1 interception…I think those numbers are misleading because he was also sacked 5 times while playing behind a Patriot offensive line that looked like they borrowed our 3rd stringers. His regular season work over the past 3 seasons has been more impressive going 27-43 (62.8%) for 286 yards 1 TD and 1 Interception. He was good enough to be Brady’s backup ever since Cassell left …why not give him a chance to be Freeman’s?

9) Reggie Wells OG Green Bay

Veteran offensive guard..whose the kinda guy who certainly is not a WOW player. Formerly a Division II guy he’s had a long NFL career that’s beaten the odds. He certainly slowed down the past two seasons – but he might have 1 more year left in the tank ; he has 91 career starts as a starter he’s below average but could be considered average depth. Not an ideal player for a team looking for inexpensive depth because his 10 seasons played entitle him to a bigger paycheck at the minimum but to me – he’s a cut above anything else we have at the position.

10) Jah Reid G-T Baltimore/UCF

Chief concern with Reid is health, the Haines City product who went to UCF has tremendous physical talent and at 6’7” 340 is an imposing figure at guard or tackle. He was penciled in as a starter at left guard for the Ravens coming into the pre-season but a calf injury has limited him severly in camp and he appears to not be ready for the season opener. He lost his starting gig to Bobbie Williams and the 3rd round pick from 2011 just fell apart after that. Sign Jah Reid first, with the caveat that you get a report on his health.

(U)11) Adam Webber QB Denver/Minnesota

Had limited opportunities to prove himself the past two seasons in Denver , but looking at his preseason film he really outplayed Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow at QB in 2011. If not for the drafting of Brock Osweiler as heir apparent to Peyton Manning Weber would be Denver’s 3rd QB. As it is hes mobile and efficient I’d place him in the top 10 of third stringers with the possibility of being a better backup than 50% of the league.

12) James Ihedigbo SS New England

I liked James coming out of college but he had to know he had a very limited career span. He’s still every bit as intelligent as he has been since he came out of UMASS he started at SS last season for New England after spending the previous 4 season with the Jets. He totaled 69 tackles but failed to record an interception (he also has zero for his career). James has really below average speed for a free safety…checked my notes he ran a 4.8 40 at the combine while coming out and he may just be one of those guys whose lost just enough speed to no longer be a viable NFL player. Plus…he aint no ball hawk but could be a slightly sub-standard backup and very good special teams player.

(U)13) Selvish Capers OG NY Giants/W.Virginia

Capers is a second year man who spent 2010 on the Redskins practice squad but couldn’t crack the Giants guard rotation this season. A combo guard/tackle at 6’5” 308lbs Capers isn’t a mauler but hes always been talented going back to his days at W.Virginia. If it were based on talent alone Capers would have been a 2nd to 4th round guy…but he has work ethic issues which may be resolved based on good reviews from the Giants staff. If being cut by the Redskins and now Giants is a wake up call Capers has some upside. I imagine some zone blocking teams will want him more than we will however.

14) Brandon Washington OG Philadelphia / UM*

You can pretty much read what I wrote on him coming out of the U. HE has really good feet but will need to transition between tackle to guard at the NFL level so he may be best served by a year on the practice squad…why not let it be ours?

15) Ishmaa’ily Kitchen NT Baltimore/Kent State*

When I covered him for my draft guide I felt Ishmaa’ily would have difficulty adjusting quickly to the NFL pace. That could not have turned out to be more accurate….in fact he did nothing until the Ravens final pre-season game of the year when he became a space eater at nose tackle and began to shove around 2nd tier guards ultimately recording a sack and disrupting the center. At 6’1” 334 Kitchen has the size to be a nose guard in either scheme but really needs technique work and is probably best suited for the practice squad at this point.

16) Andrew Datko T Green Bay/Florida St.*

The Packers have expended a variety of picks on offensive tackles and Datko not cracking that lineup is not a huge knock against him…specifically because I don’t think he’s 100% healthy from a shoulder issue that cost him his senior year at Florida St. Datko is a classic positional blocker who looks to be a swing tackle backup at the NFL level and I really think he will find a way to make a roster or practice squad somewhere. He’s a hard worker and leader..if he can get and stay healthy he could have a pretty decent career.

17) Vaughn Meatoga DT Washington/Hawaii

Still being miscast in my opinion as a 3-4 nose tackle. Teams see short powerful guy and want to make him a nose tackle, Meatoga is more balance and wiggle than pure power. He does anchor well but not against double that Vaughn is a free agent he needs to call some 4-3 teams and convince them he can play Nose Tackle (assuming he clears waivers).

18) Matt McCants T NY Giants/UAB*

The Giants have some really good depth at tackle it didn’t surprise me that Matt McCants couldn’t dig through the competition. I called him marginal depth in my most recent draft guide because he excels as a run blocker and is decent off the move but he seems to love to get in poor position and as a pass blocker hes a big liability. Hes a mud foot guy and needs to work on his athletic ability and technique still.

19) Malcom Sheppard DT Tennessee

6’2” 280 and clearly a 4-3 undertackle Sheppard has more athleticism than most of the waiver wire cuts. He scored a 5.1 on his cone drill coming out of college so he does have some wiggle. He’s spent most of his time on various practice squads though since he’s undersized and Bobby Petrino apparently didn’t impart much technique to him when he played at Arkansas. He has a “whopping” 12 career tackles so obviously he has not developed far enough to stick around in Tennessee.

20) Anthony Armstrong WR Washington/ West Texas A&M

Honestly a bit surprised he got cut…had a breakout year in 2010 (his rookie year) with 44 receptions for 871 yards …and even better a 19.8 YPC average. He’s a deep threat if not a reliable one. Last year he clearly took a step back though making just 7 receptions fo 103 yards. Looked pretty decent on deep routes for Washington..interesting stretch receiver who should end up somewhere.

21) Marty Gilyard WR Phiadelphia / Cincinnati

Has not found a nitch yet….and is running out of opportunities. He was immature coming out of Cincinnati and now may be in worse shape. Really needs to step it up a notch if he doesn’t want this to be the end of his NFL career. He did flash some in preseason though so he’s liable to get more chance.

22) Nicholas Jean Baptiste NT Baltimore/Baylor*

If you read my draft guide I said this guy was probably headed for an NFL practice squad..has the size and power to be a 3-4 nose but is really raw on technique and needs some serious gym time to develop a better lower body strength (upper body is fine if memory serves he was one of the top benching DL prospects this year).

23) Dan Koppen C New England

Obviously our biggest hole is not at Center…and obviously if the Pats are letting him go he’s not really healthy – it’s buyer beware on Koppen. I’d insist on a physical before giving him any money.

(U)24) Ryan Perriloux QB NY Giants/Jacksonville St.*

Not a great preseason but still has athleticism and has shown he has his head screwed on tightly enough to end up on someones practice squad.

25) Cody Wallace C Houston

Third year pro whose bounced around from Detroit to Houston….not really much to see here pretty versatile but not someone anyone covets.

26) Alphonso Smith CB Detroit

Nothing to see here in my opinion was overrated coming into the league, the Broncos under a certain ex coach (cough cough) way over drafted him then traded him to Detroit where he fell to third string in one of the worst defensive secondary’s in the league.

Additional Practice Squad Potential Players that Interest me

(Late Round Picks and Rookie UFA's that would interest me to have here)(In no particular order)

WR Marquise Maze Alabama

LB Shaun Losieau Merrimack

WR Marvin McNutt Iowa

S Phillip Thomas Syracuse

OT Matt Reynolds BYU

LB Tank Carder TCU

S Duke Iheaco San Jose St.

QB Jarrett Lee LSU

OT Dustin Waldron Portland St.

WR Danny Coale VT – Could be on an active roster really but is not a need position for Tampa so I left him down here.

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