9000 Seats? Really?

Really Tampa? Really?! Everyone complained that the Glazers were cheap. Raheem Morris doesn't know what he's doing. This team is awful! Put some money into the team! Lower ticket prices!

Okay. Done.They took care of everything.

Here comes a new head coach with a reputation for discipline and the ability to turn a program around.

Add a number 1 WR, Vincent Jackson. Arguably the best guard in the league, Carl Nicks. And a very good corner that should pair up nicely with Talib, Eric Wright. Then the Bucs made some nice moves in the draft to get two first rounders that should have an immediate impact on both sides of the ball, including an explosive three down back in Doug Martin. Bring in Dallas Clark and Orlovsky to add some depth and leadership and what I see is a franchise that's trying to do right by their fans.

The Glazers, Dom, and Coach Schiano want to win. Sure, they have the long-term in mind...but I can guarantee you they most certainly want to win now. For the fans.

And after one of the most eventful and progressive off-seasons in Bucs' history, the opening game of the 2012 season, the opening game of the new era of Buc Ball, is still 9,000 fans short of avoiding a blackout. Really?!? Do people just not care?

Not only are ticket prices considerably lower than other franchises in the NFL, the first game of the year is against our dreaded rivals, the Panthers! I hate the Panthers! They're coming to OUR house...and we can't get excited?! We can't scrounge up 35 bucks to go see a game? This game should have sold out weeks ago.

I know the economy sucks. Trust me. I live in L.A. where everything is expensive and right now, work is very slow. Rent is due tomorrow and I'm losing hair just thinking about it. With all that said, September 9th has been marked on my calendar for a while now...and I would love to be there.

And don't you dare say, "Well, I'll support a winner. As soon as they put a winning team on the field, I'll go." Bullocks. Tell that to the Rays. I'm sure the Rays heard that once. I feel sorry for that team. They have a consistent winning team with star players, and one shows up. Embarrassing.

"The economy sucks!" Tell that to Detroit. They show up to Lions games. They show up to Tigers games. They show up to Red Wings games. They're sports fans...and their passion is evident.

Maybe Tampa just isn't a very good sports town. Let's face it. There are a few die hard fans out there...and I know they bleed's just a little sad, I guess. I'm the most broke I've ever been in my life and I'm still trying to save at least ten bucks a week just so I can make it to the game against Oakland.

If we aren't careful guys...we might lose our team. There are plenty of cities that would love to have a NFL franchise. We're one of the lucky ones. Let's not mess it up. Support our guys! Scream to the heavens! Don't let the other team have more fans in Ray Jay than we do!

Stand up for your team. They want to win for you. Show them that you appreciate it.

Go Bucs!!!

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