Part Four of the Great Predictilator and Buc Prognosticator(The Finale and LeGRAND addition)

AS of my finalizing this writing we have 11 “Iron men” who have answered all three parts up to now (though I suppose Brar could answer part 3 by tonights midnight deadline , or combine with DC bucs fan,which I'm ok with if they both agree to it and all contest rules still apply - IE Brar answered the first two parts let DC answer parts 3 and 4- though if you win you'll have to split so one is the Great Predictilator the other the Buc Prognosticator and I'll be forced to asterik you like a Barry Bonds homerun record).

The Iron Men:

Draft Phantom BucFan Collino

RuudAwakening MikeN Hopein1Hand

4QB GoBuxGo GoBucsgo

CrackerBall jdrama914

PLEASE NOTE IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME READING THE GREAT PREDICTILATOR THIS COMPETITION IS CLOSED (aside from those who’ve answered the first 3 sets of questions in previous posts). That said…you can still feel free to comment.

PRIZE OPPORTUNITY: We’ll not for your personal benefit….I know I promised only 20 questions per section but this one will have 21 – your chance to choose an “award”). IT WILL ALSO EXPLAIN THE PICTURE. So please check out QUESTION 81

Part 4 – Regular Season Finale, AFC South & NFC South

61) Who will win the AFC South?

A. Houston Texans (1 Point)

B. Tennessee Titans (6 Points)

C. Indianapolis Colts (11 Points)

D. Jacksonville Jaguars (13 Points)

62) Who will win the NFC South?

A. Atlanta Falcons (2 Points)

B. New Orleans Saints (2 Points)

C. Carolina Panthers (7 Points)

D. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (11 Points)

63) The Jaguars travel to battle the Vikings week 1, Maurice Jones Drew and Adrian Peterson are possibly out for various reasons, Toby Gerheart and Rashard Jennings may have to shoulder the load. Will any back go for more than 100 yards in this game?

A. Yes (3 Points)

B. No (2 Points)

64) Who will be the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year?

A. A.J. Jenkins (15 Points)

B. Alshon Jeffery (15 Points)

C. Andrew Luck (2 Points)

D. Brandon Weeden (8 Points)

E. Brian Quick (20 Points)

F. Coby Fleener (15 Points)

G. David Wilson (8 Points)

H. Doug Martin (8 Points)

I. Justin Blackmon (6 Points)

J. Kendall Wright (15 Points)

K. LaMichael James (15 Points)

L. Michael Floyd (12 Points)

M. Robert Griffin III (6 Points)

N. Rueben Randle (12 Points)

O. Ryan Broyles (18 Points)

P. Ryan Tannehill (8 Points)

Q. Stephen Hill (15 Points)

R. Trent Richardson (6 Points)

Z. Field, Any other player (6 Points)

65) Who will be the NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year?

A. Bruce Irvin (15 Points)

B. Casey Hayward (15 Points)

C. Chandler Jones (10 Points)

D. Courtney Upshaw (10 Points)

E. Dont’a Hightower (8 Points)

F. Dontari Poe (15 Points)

G. Dre Kirkpatrick (10 Points)

H. Fletcher Cox (10 Points)

I. Harrison Smith (10 Points)

J. Janoris Jenkins (8 Points)

K. Jerel Worthy (20 Points)

L. Luke Kuechly (4 Points)

M. Michael Barron (8 Points)

N. Melvin Ingram (15 Points)

O. Michael Brockers (15 Points)

P. Morris Claiborne (7 Points)

Q. Mychal Kendricks (12 Points)

R. Nick Perry (10 Points)

S. Quinton Coples (15 Points)

T. Stephon Gilmore (15 Points)

Z. Field, Any Other Player (6 Points)

66) Drew Brees broke Dan Marino’s seemingly immortal record for passing yards last season throwing for a record setting 5,476 yards….asking him to break it will be too much, but will he eclipse the 5,000 yard barrier this season?

A. Yes, Brees throws for 5,000 or more (5 Points)

B. No, Brees will be under 5,000 yards (4 Points)

67) I’ve been using Vegas odds for most of this competition to determine points, but Vegas set the odds for Tampa sacks for the season at 28…I’m tempted not to be so low on my expectations but I’ll ask anyway how many sacks will the Bucs D accrue this season?

A. 28 or fewer (6 Points)

B. 29 – 33 (4 Points)

C. More than 33 (5 Points)

68) The Colts were the Dolt’s without Peyton Manning last season…enter DP’s highest rated player ever coming out of the draft Andrew Luck, how many total yards will Andrew Luck throw for this season?

A. 1,500 or fewer (5 Points)

B. 1,501 to 2,500 (4 Points)

C. 2,501 to 3,000 (4 Points)

D. 3,001 to 3,500 (4 Points)

E. 3,501 to 4,000 (4 Points)

F. 4,001 or more (5 Points)

69) The NFL is famous for worst to first division finishes, it’s part of what gives ever fan hope in pre-season….what’s often forgotten is that it also implies you can go from first to worst…which of last season’s division winners will finish with the worst record in 2012? (NOTE: If two teams are tied, just as before, earned draft pick will determine the worst team – unless it’s a coin flip in which case I’ll score both as correct).

A. New England Patriots (8 Points)

B. Baltimore Ravens (6 Points)

C. Houston Texans (3 Points)

D. Denver Broncos (4 Points)

E. NY Giants (3 Points)

F. Green Bay Packers (6 Points)

G. New Orleans Saints (4 Points)

H. San Francisco 49ers (4 Points)

70) Carolina QB Cam Newton had 35 TD’s combined rushing and passing in 2011…will he improve that total or is a sophomore slump brewing?

A. Cam’s the man he does better than 35 total TD’s (2 Points)

B. Slumpity Slumpity Slumpity 35 or fewer (3 Points)

71) Oft Injured WR Andre Johnson had a very subpar injury marred 2011; playing in just 7 games and securing only 2 TD’s with 492 yards receiving….will Johnson bounce back in 2012 and gather in more than 1,200 yards?

A. Of course DP 1,200 yards or better is a lock , he did that in 13 games in 2010 (4 Points)

B. No way…he’s lost a step (4 Points)

72) Jaguars QB Blaine Gabbert has certainly improved from last season( truthfully it would have been hard to be worse)…Gabber threw just 12 TD passes all of last season, with Justin Blackmon and Laurent Robinson brought in to help him out how many TD passes will Gabbert complete this season?

A. 15 or fewer (5 Points)

B. 16-20 (4 Points)

C. 21-25 (4 Points)

D. 26-30 (5 Points)

E 31 or more (6 Points)

73) Jacquizz Rogers is currently breathing down the neck of Atlanta RB Michael Turner, after a ho-hum rookie season Rogers is expected to become Atlanta’s 3rd down back…how many receiving yards will Rodgers have?

A. Less than 150 (7 Points)

B. Between 151 and 250 (5 Points)

C. Between 251 and 400 (5 Points)

D. Between 401 and 550 (5 Points)

E. 551 or more (6 Points)

74. Despite all the great additions we’ve made this offseason it still largely rests on the shoulders of #5 Josh Freeman. More than his TD’s thrown this season my opinion is that INT’s thrown could be his undoing – how many Interceptions will Freeman throw in 2012?

A. 10 or fewer (8 Points)

B. 11 to 13 (6 Points)

C. 14 to 16 (4 Points)

D. 17 to 20 (5 Points)

E. 21 or more (5 Points)

75. Be careful considering this question…you may want to take a brief look at the rosters of various teams in the NFC South. The SEC is considered almost universally to be the best college football conference. The Winner of the NFC South will have fewer or more than 3 Starters (not counting kickers and punters) in their final regular season game?

A. Less than 3 (4 Points)

B. Exactly 3 (4 Points)

C. 4 Or More (6 Points)

76. How many Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be selected to the 2012 NFL Pro Bowl(not counting alternates or injury replacement)?

A. Zero…we don’t have anyone that good (7 Points)

B. One ….(4 Points)

C. Two…(4 Points)

D. Three (6 Points)

E. Four or More (7 Points)

77. Get your crystal ball ready for this…what week will the 2008 Detroit Lions be able to pop the cork as the only winless NFL team for a 16 game season?

A. Week 4 or sooner (9 Points)

B. Week 5 or 6 (7 Points)

C. Week 7 or 8 (5 Points)

D. Week 9 or 10 (6 Points)

E. Week 11 thru 13 (7 Points)

F. Week 14 thru 17 (8 Points)

G. NEVER…Someone Else is going winless (11 Points)

78. Last week I asked you about speedy Jeff Demps, how about another question about a Florida Speedster, do it all returner/WR T.Y. Hilton from Florida International has simply blazing speed even at his diminutive hight..will he have a touchdown scored of greater than 75 yards in his rookie season (either running, receiving, returning, recovering, throwing etc…). [Note I asked this question so when it’s late in the season.and the Great Predictilator title is on the line and you start cheering like an idiot if Hilton takes one back 90 yards while the Colt’s trail 33-3 in week 17 …it’ll be just you].

A. Yes (3 Points)

B. No (2 Points)

79. Tiquan Underwood has been one of the better Bucs WR’s will he carry it over to the regular season, if so how many receptions will he have in 2012?

A. Fewer than 25 (3 Points)

B. 26-40 (4 Points)

C. 41-55 (5 Points)

D. 56-70 (8 Points)

80. The Buc’s final four opponents are Philadelphia, @New Orleans, St. Louis, and @Atlanta, how many wins will they have at the conclusion of December?.

A. 0 (6 Points – you’d earn the points but we reserve the right to run you out of town)

B. 1 (4 Points)

C. 2 (3 Points)

D. 3 (4 Points)

E. 4 (6 Points --- you homer)

81. So I was thinking of some kind of prize other than the esteemed title of the GREAT PREDICTILATOR AND BUC PROGNOSTICATOR (though seriously who wouldn’t put that on their business card if they win) then I thought back to RookTakesyou’s excellent idea to have Eric LeGrand’s #52 Jersey benefit spinal cord research. So I thought why not double dip towards the charity arena….I bought 3 today (1 for myself 2 youth sizes for charity) …but you can make me buy more. With 11 entrants (counting myself) the number is perfect for me(Caps the # I have to buy and ship at exactly 10). The rules are simple…you choose the charity from the list below (yes I know there are many others that are great but I’ve worked with these before and are my favorites). If your score is better than mine at the end of the season…I’ll send a youth jersey to the charity you choose from the list below (Even if I have to buy 10). So lets see what your made of…I don’t usually taunt but you can throw a 15 yard flag on me for this one – I simply don’t think more than 2 of you can luck out and beat me, care to prove me wrong?

If you beat DP….which Charity do you want the Extra LeGrand Jersey to go to?

A. The Spring, Tampa FL might seem odd to donate to a battered woman’s shelter but many of these women are mothers and I know they are always trying to find Birthday/Christmas

B. Martha’s Table, Washington DC Martha’s Table sells or auctions off clothing donations and accepts cash donations in order to provide daycare and educational activities for underprivalleged children in N. Virginia, S. Maryland , and the District of Columbia.

C. GoodWill, All Over A very classical catch all charity that helps numerous other charitable causes and sells clothing in that persuit.

D. Ronald McDonald House of Tampa, FL Provides services to families who have a child in the hospital, allowing them to stay closer to their young sick one and providing essential services during their stay.

--And Yes If you'd like I can send it in your log in name..or you can e-mail me at my draftphantom address the real name when/if you win.

Thank you for your order!
Your order number is: w-14404801

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Nike Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric LeGrand Foundation Game Jersey - Scarlet
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Price: $99.95
Nike Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric LeGrand Foundation Game Jersey - Scarlet
Product ID: 888818
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Nike Tampa Bay Buccaneers Eric LeGrand Foundation Game Jersey - Scarlet
Product ID: 888818
Size: S Quantity: 1
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Sub Total $299.85
Delivery Total $6.99
Order Total $306.84

Oh almost forgot 5 SEP 2012 4PM EST (Wed next is the deadline for answers to part 4)- Had to change it for the Wednesday game

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