The Great Predictilar - PART 3.

Part Trey of the Great Predictilator(Revenge of Sith Bruce Allen) and Buc Prognosticator

Time to polish off the crystal ball eat your Wheaties and pound on your keyboard…part trio is here.

Part 3 – The NFC & AFC East

41) Who will win the NFC East?

A. NY Giants (3 Points)

B. Philadelphia Eagles (3 Points)

C. Dallas Cowboys (3 Points)

D. Washington Redskins (7 Points)

42) Who will win the AFC East?

A. New England Patriots (1 Point)

B. New York Jets (7 Points)

C. Buffalo Bills (11 Points)

D. Miami Dolphins (14 Points)

43) Bill Belichek has recently had high praise for Greg Schiano..while Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski are clearly better than Tampa Bay’s option’s at QB and TE (no offense to Free or Clark) WR is another matter. The Buc’s are highlighted by Vincent Jackson while the Patriots have Wes Welker; but beyond that ..perhaps Tampa has a better second option, will Mike Williams have more touchdown receptions than any Patriot receiver other than Welker?

A. Yes (3 Points)

B. No (2 Points)

44) The Miami Dolphins are on their 900th Starting QB (ok 18th) since Dan Marino hung up his cleats, they play the Jet’s on the 23rd of September, which QB will have the most combined rushing and passing touchdowns during that game?

A. Ryan Tannehill (3 Points)

B. Mark Sanchez (4 Points)

C. Tim Tebow (11 Points)

45) I went to the same college as Maryland Congressman Steny Hoyer, if Steny wants to go down and cheer on fellow Hoyer Brian Hoyer when the Patriots come to town to play the Ravens on the 23rd of September, will he be routing for the second or third string QB?

A. Yep Hoyer watches Hoyer….hold the clipboard and a helmet while rooting for Brady (3 Points)

B. Third, Mallet gets the backup job (3 Points)

46) The Washington Redskins have former Buccanner Head Coach Raheem Morris and former General Roster Dismantler and Drafting Murphy Rule Champion Bruce Allen; they do have RGIII but what about the talent around him? The have a mess at RB and WR still to sort out, which of these players will score the most touchdowns this season?

A. Roy Helu Jr. (4 Points)

B. Tim Hightower (3 Points)

C. Alfred Morris (6 Points)

D. Dezmon Briscoe (10 Points)

E. Chris Cooley (8 Points)

F. Fred Davis (4 Points)

G. Pierre Garcon (3 Points)

H. Leonard Hankerson (6 Points)

I. Santana Moss (4 Points)

47) DeMarcus Ware from tiny Troy had a whopping 19.5 sacks last season for Dallas, 19.5 is A LOT to expect for any particular season…how many should we expect for DeMarcus in 2012?

A. Less than 10 (6 Points)

B. 10-12 (5 Points)

C. 12.5 – 15 (3 Points)

D. 15.5 – 17 (4 Points)

E. 17.5 – 19.5 (5 Points)

F. 20 or more (8 Points)

48) Eli Manning joked this offseason that despite winning the Super Bowl he was the third most talked about QB in his own town; so which WR will be his #1 pass catcher in terms of yardage this season?

A. Victor Cruz (3 Points)

B. Hakeem Nicks (3 Points)

C. Rueben Randle (8 Points)

E. The field (any other player) (7 Points)

49) The Bucs snagged “muscle hamster” Doug Martin by trading up in front of the NY Giants who finished the first round by drafting former Virginia Tech RB David Wilson; Wilson will presumably have to play behind veteran Ahmad Bradshaw this season; will Wilson have more or less than 500 yards?

A. 500 or More (3 Points)

B. Less than 500 (3 Points)

50) The Buccaneers just claimed former Bengal and Longhorn Jordan Shipley off waivers, will he make the cut and be on the 53 man roster, how about the practice squad?

A. Nope , too late coming to camp he gets neither (2 Points)

B. On the Roster on cut down day (3 Points)

C. Waived then resigned….(4 Points)

51) Are you prepared for RGIII, just how good will the Baylor Bear and Heisman Winner be, measuring him by TD – INT Ratio.

A. Twice as many or better TD’s to interceptions (5 Points)

B. Less than twice as many but more than 1.5 as many TD to interception ratio (4 points)

C. Between equal and 1.5 times as many TD’s as interceptions (3 points)

D. More Interceptions than touchdowns (5 points)

52) According to Vegas, no NFL division is as tight as the NFC East…so which team will finish dead last in the division?

A. New York Giants (4 Points)

B. Dallas Cowboys (3 Points)

C. Philadelphia Eagles (3 Points)

D. Washington Redskins (1 Point)

53) To comply with NFL regulations…I’m required to ask another Tim Tebow question; how many 2 Point Plays will Tebow attempt this season?

A. Less than 5 (4 Points)

B. Between 5 and 10 (3 Points)

C. 11 to 15 (4 Points)

D. 16 or more (5 Points)

E. 30 or more (8 points)

54) [PLEASE NO POLITICAL COMMENTS RELATED TO THIS FAUX POLITICAL QUESTION] There is an old wives tail that if the Redskins win the game before the election of the President (It’s been correct 8 of the last 9 times) then the incumbent will win; if they lose a new challenger is coming to the White House. The Redskins host the Panthers on the 4th of November……will the wives tail hold up for this election (i.e. if the Resdkins win and Mr. Obama wins the wives tale is true, if they win and Mr. Romney does the wives tale is false; and vice versa if they lose)

A. Old Wives tales are true….the Redskins hold the election in their hands (2 Points)

B. No way I don’t believe in old wives tales whats next DP ghost stories? (2 Points)

55) My little Italian Greyhound Drusus is rooting for A; but Michael Vick has proven less than 100% durable, how many starts will he make this season for the Eagles

A. Zero to four(10 Points)

B. Five to Eight (7 Points)

C. Eight to Eleven (5 Points)

D. Twelve to Fifteen (3 Points)

E. All 16 (4 Points)

F. Five (5 Points)

56) The battle between Michael Smith and Moises Madu looks fierce, which one will be on the 53 man roster come cut down day?

A. I’m a Madu Man(4 Points)

B. Smith…watch the speed (3 Points)

C. Both (6 Points)

57) We made some great off-season free agent acquisitions in Vincent Jackson and Carl Nicks…but Buffalo harpooned the white whale; they brought in Mario Williams and refused to let him leave Buffalo until he signed how many Sacks will Super Mario garner in 2012?

A. 5 or less (7 points)

B. 6 to 8 (5 Points)

C. 9 or 10 (3 Points)

D. 10.5 or more (4 Points)

58) The Patriots signed former Florida Gator and Olympian Jeff Demps; will he be on their roster September 9th when they play the Titans[Practice Squad does not count]?

A. Yes (1 Point)

B. No (2 Points)

59) The Bucs get to do battle with the NFC East this season..we play at Dallas and at NY Giants, but are home against Philadelphia and Washington, will we do better or worse than .500 against those teams?

A. Better (3 Points)

B. Worse (3 Points)

C. Exactly .500 (3 Points)

60) The Buc’s third four opponents are San Diego, @Carolina, Atlanta, and @Denver, how many wins will they have on the plane ride home from Denver?.

A. 0 (6 Points – you’d earn the points but we reserve the right to run you out of town)

B. 1 (4 Points)

C. 2 (3 Points)

D. 3 (4 Points)

E. 4 (6 Points --- you homer)

All Answers need to be marked and turned in NLT midnight EST, Wednesday August 29th.

Also Tune in the 30th for the FINAL of the FOUR PARTS with emphasis on Tampa Bay (even more than normal) and NFL full season predictions..

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