The Calm Before the Storm

May 4, 2012; Tampa, FL, USA; Tampa Bay Buccaneers safety Mark Barron (24) works out during rookie mini camp at One Buc. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE

If you’re a die-hard sports fan like me then I’m sure you’re similarly suffering right now in the mandated purgatory known as July. During this time the NBA playoffs are over, the NHL playoffs are over, the NFL doesn't even have an OTA to speak of, and baseball’s games are largely meaningless. It is a boring time to be a sports fan.

But fear not Bucs fans…

Perhaps you don’t realize this but the opening of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp is just 8 short days away. Anyone who’s ever either been up all night to watch the sun rise the next morning or woken up before the sun to watch it rise will know what I’m talking about. We’re in that time just before the sky starts to turn grey. The time when you keep thinking you can see the hint of dawn approaching on the horizon. You can almost smell the sunlight of the new day though it’s not yet here.

Can you smell it Bucs fans? It’s in the air. The anticipation is growing with each passing minute. A new day is rising. The grass is getting cut. The pads are being checked. Jerseys are being printed. The players are taking their final rest.

It’s so very close you can just feel the anticipation in the air. There is a buzz about the team that hasn't been there in years. Months of speculation on how certain players and coaches will perform will suddenly come to fruition one way or another. We have a brand new stable of high profile free agents and some fantastic draft picks ready to strap it up for the Pewter Pirates. Fantasy football leagues are beginning to form again bringing old friends together for some good times on Sundays. Not to mention some good old fashioned trash talking among friends.

A new day is rising, Bucs Nation. We’ve all stuck it out through this torturous offseason and we’re about to be rewarded for our patience. The countdown is on. 8 days until show time. Are you ready? If not I have a little pick me up that just might do the trick. Hit the jump for more...

A little Don Cheadle always gets me jacked up!

If that didn't do it for you I've got something else...

Greg Schiano reminds me a lot of Al Pacino's character. (Warning: It's Pacino so there's some language...)

Still not there????

How about now?

Ok enough of the big screen... how about something a little closer to home...

If you're not totally ready for football season right now, this very second then I just have one more attempt to get you ready...

A new day is rising...

I'm ready. Are you?

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