Saint's Cap Future

I'll keep this fanpost pretty short and to the point. The Saint's at the beginning of the off-season were faced with major cap issues. Their biggest issue was how to keep key free agents Carl Nicks and Marques Colston while also resigning Drew Brees with very little cap room. Nicks walked and was replaced by Ben Grubbs. Coltston and Brees were both resigned. Fast forward to Bounty Gate and the Saint's were forced to find replacement players on defense. Without much thought, it appears the Saint's did a hell of a job retaining talent without effecting their cap space.

Very basic numbers for 2012/2013 season

110 million in contracts

Minus 5 million rollover from 2011/2012 season

= Current 105 million Cap Hit

Minus 120 Cap Roof

= (Potential) 15 million rollover to the 2013/2014 season

Key contract changes going into the 2013/2014 season

This is the kicker.

+# means how much the player's cap hit changes next season

Vilma +5.7

Colston +3.3

Brees +7

Moore +2.2

Smith +5

Evans +6.5

Grubbs +4.5

Bunkley +3

Greer +1.6

Jenkins +1.2

Hawthorne +3.3

Lofton +5.4

Total key contract changes = 48.7 million

Major expiring contracts

Ellis -7.7

Bushrod -6.7

Henderson -3.5

Strief -2.1

Casillas -1.2

McBride -1

Minus Total major expiring contracts = 22.2

Total contract changes into 2013/2014 season = +26.5

Minus Rollover 15 million

Total Changes adjusted rollover +11.5

2012/2013 Cap plus changes = 121.5

In a very short conclusion, almost every key player on the Saint's has their cap hit rising year to year. Some of these players are skyrocketing over the 5 million number (which is a big deal). Ceteris paribus, the Saint's will be over the cap next year without moving a finger. They will need to replace key FA's like Ellis and Bushrod and allocate a few million to next years draft. Either someone in the Saint's front office is a genius or they are going for broke. A lot of restructurings and cuts will need to be made by the Saint's for them to even maintain a working roster. I don't think this will be a hole easily dug out of.

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