I'm not sure I'm buying into this Schiano thing.

How much of a message is he really sending? Tanard Jackson and Kellen Winslow were dropped. To me. These guys were dropped as a high profile strategy. High profile guys that either had no gas left in the tank, Or just didn't pan out. Granted Jackson showed signs of life, but not enough to avoid the chopping block of the new Buccaneer way. Guys that were sure to get media attention were sent on their way.

It was actually a good out for the Bucs. A lot of people did like Jackson, I personally did. This is what I like about what they did. ( The Bucs that is) They took a guy that had what it takes to be an NFL star, but he didn't show the work ethic. The Bucs organization saw that, and they acknowledged that with a trade. That sent a clear message. Basically the organization said. Be good somewhere else. Because it wont be here.

Winslow on the other hand. Do we really need to talk about this guy? I'm not going to acknowledge him because he said he would take a bullet for Morris. We all know that's not true. So I chalk that up as a dummy. I would like to steer clear from the idiocracy.

The point though. The issue I have. Is our toes on the line coach making exceptions? Aqib got off today. We all know he's a trouble maker. Did his skills over shadow what he does off the field? Did he get a break? I think so, and I also feel it very contradicting that he gets to stay and someone like Jackson goes. The potential from Jackson could have been developed. Everyone knows he could be something. So they dropped him. It was a risk. It was A chance. It was a hail marry in the scheme of it all, It was a start of what's to come.

Sayonara Jackson and her's the icing on the cake. They boot Winslow . Gonna make news on that one for sure. The Bucs are on fire and they're making news. Awesome right? Maybe. but we keep an unpredictable player on our team, but no one seems to care.

Schiano may be on the PR run. Lets hope it doesn't catch up to him.


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