Who will win the AFC South?

Here we are in the 8th and final installment of “The Nostradamus Effect” and we find ourselves in t AFC South. Home of the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans and Houston Texans; this division was previously dominated for the better part of the last decade by the Colts. But things have clearly been shaken up, let’s dig deeper. Hit the jump for the breakdown.

We start with the former landlord of the AFC South with the Indianapolis Colts, and the drastic changes that are occurring in Indy. This team and its fans were riding high on life for the better part of a decade and man did this puppy come crashing down with all its might. The Colts clearly felt the Manning injury bad, but was one player really the catalyst for a total meltdown? Or did the Colts do what the Bucs did and just give up after the season seemed all but lost? Well it’s hard to say with certainty but one thing is for sure, their lack of depth was clearly exposed. So after what was a rough season, to say the least, the Colts cleaned house with incredible fury, Coaches, Staff, GM, VP of football, Players all got the axe and in exodus fashion. This team cut/lost nearly half of its roster, probably with good reason. This team is clearly in a complete rebuild mode, the good thing is they have their new franchise QB Andrew Luck but is he the answer? With a little Luck he is lol. This team is far from being competitive, they had a good off season but simply need way too much to compete now. This team will do poorly again this year. Luck will do fine considering, lucky for him the Colts also nabbed his favorite target in TE Colby Fleener.

My prediction this team goes 4-12, no major changes other than continuing to add players via draft and FA, the only note here is that fans are going to get off the “wagon” for a couple of years. Maybe they will become Bucs fans?

We now move on to Tennessee Titans and take a look at where they will be after this season. Well the Titans have been consistent and average for a long time, yes they have had some good years but when have you really been impressed with them? Is the pressure of losing to Manning so much for the division the reason Fisher left? Or is ownership in TEN just that bad? One things is for sure, this team lost more quality players in FA than they picked up and the draft did little to replace those areas of strength i.e. CB Cortland Finnegan. Their draft was ok, they got some needed upgrades but they certainly didn’t wow their either, in fact everything about this team screams mediocre. But can they change that?

My prediction is they can’t change that this season; they will post a losing record with 5-11. No major changes here.

Now we move south to Jacksonville Jaguars with a lot of changes from ownership down this offseason. This team is also rebuilding, really who in this division besides Houston isn’t? So let’s see this team has an offense that is severely lacking with the exception of RB Maurice Jones-Drew, so bad that it is probably the most suspect offense in the league, now their defense though is a strong point to build off of. This team had a questionable draft at least a couple of picks had pros and fans scratching their heads, namely P Brian Angerer and OLB Brandon Marshall. Was there any logic to this? I believe there is somewhere and I happened to find it in an old coach of mine. He said and I quote “when your offense sucks make sure you have a great punter at least, since field position makes up for lack of ability” and I thought well hell that makes perfect sense. The Jags did out and get some much needed WR help in Laurent Robinson, Lee Evans and drafting Justin Blackmon but is that enough?

My prediction this team gets a little better but only by picking up steam towards the end of the year, they finish 7-9. One major change is that QB Chad Henne (picked up in FA) takes the starting position while QB Blaine Gabbert learns the new offense and how to play as a competitive QB in the NFL.

We now move way out west to visit with the Houston Texans and see if they can do some of what they put together last year. This team has arguably one of the best defenses even without Mario Williams and their rush attack is insane also not to mention they have a good WR in Andre johnson and their QB Matt Schaub is playing his best football to date until his injury. This team is fairly young, with a nice mix of vets. They had an ok draft getting upgrades to some much needed positions particularly in the O-line. They added some questionable picks in WR Devier Posey, I think even Posey and his agent were shocked he was drafted especially that high. Also who decided on WR Keshawn Martin???? Well maybe the FO sees something no one does.

My prediction is this team is already stacked, some upgrades were taken care of and some were questionable at best but they have a solid team already and did not need much to compete. This division is theirs for the taking. They finish 13-3. This team will go deep in the playoffs and could be a contender for a SB run.

Well that’s it for now, later I will compile the votes and compare them to my picks and then we can all revisit this topic after the season ends and see who wins lol. Also for those of you keeping score at home you are probably wondering why there are more overall loses than wins, well the short answer is I’m no mathmagician lol. The real answer is that there is always a plus minus and since my predictions are not per game based models it is going off of last year’s stats, projected roster, upgrades and outside factors. So in short it’s not an exact science and for those of you that want to know the plus minus on overall its 10.

Here’s you poll, that’s all for now.

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