Who will win the AFC East?

Welcome to the 6th installment of “The Nostradamus Effect” today we review the AFC East home of the Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills and New York Jets. The AFC East as you know has been dominated for the most part by the Patriots since Bill Belichick took over the HC position. But there has been some promise out of the other teams in the division as well. So hit the jump to see the breakdown.

We start with the Miami Dolphins and please hold your jeers for after the segment. What can I say about the Dolphins, I mean just when you think they are on track to make a run for the division they go and switch gears on you and make very little sense in their decisions. Almost as if the team decisions are being made rock, paper and scissors style, really who trades a pro-bowl WR Brandon Marshall for 2 3rd rounds picks to Chicago. I mean He was putting up good numbers every year and yes he has his issues but why take away your only real threat at WR? It makes no sense to me and fans or Phans as they call themselves, are pretty upset and have been calling for GM Jeff Irelands head now for some time. It’s hard to see what this team is doing with ANY clarity and if I were a fan I would be pretty upset, I can say that of the Florida NFL teams the Dolphins are by far the most dysfunctional. They finished 6-10 last year and went and got their franchise QB Ryan Tannehill but was it the right move? They got RB Lamar Miller and from a PR stand point that was an awesome move in keeping him in Miami, also he brings a much needed dimension to the team in terms of speed. Their defense kept them in every game but their offense couldn’t finish the job.

My prediction for this team they finish 6-10 yet again and Matt Moore gets traded/cut this season. Also this will finally be GM Jeff Irelands last year and “Phans” will absolutely love the move as he is the reason why this team is not a contender already. But we will have photographic evidence as to why Ireland kept his job as I am certain he has some compromissing photos of owner Stephen Ross.

We move on over to the Buffalo Bills, or should I say Toronto Bills? This team started last year with a shockingly good record and were poised to win the division, their fans finally had a legitimate reason to be excited about their team. The shame was the team got plagued by injuries and exposed their lack of depth at various positions. The team finished 6-10 and went on a losing streak to rival that of only our Bucs, which they broke with a win. Well this team got busy this off season and went shopping not only for positions of need but also addressing some much needed depth. The of course got DE/LB Mario Williams, drafted CB Stephon Gilmore and Ron Brooks, as well as some very key upgrades to the O-line. This team seems to have a renewed outlook on their future and look to break the 0-4 SB curse they have but can they?

My prediction this teams does not win the division yet but they will be on top very soon. They finish 8-8, no major changes here.

We head over to Tebow-land aka the New York Jets or as I like to say “T T T Tebow and the Jets” and don’t lie you know you just sang along in your head. Well on to the breakdown. The Jets have arguably the most loud mouth coach in recent memory in one Rex Ryan who is so boastful it’s scary, the previously have been able to back that up but the team overall has regressed starting with their QB Mark “Sanchize” Sanchez, but he isn’t the only who has regressed a lot of team has not met the production they had during the AFC championship runs. What seems to be the problem there? I mean they have a collection of talent on both sides of the ball, their defense is stout and in terms of production they are one of the best in the league. So why can’t they win? A lot of people say its Sanchez, hence the team going out and getting their “messiah” QB Tim Tebow, now I don’t think he is the answer they are looking for but he was worth the trade to pressure Sanchez into being more dedicated in his work, which came into question last year, and could possibly oust him until they get another franchise QB.

My prediction this team continues to regress and falls to 6-10 and QB Mark Sanchez gets traded to SF and Rex Ryan loses his job.

Finally we take a stop over to the New England Patriots to see what they have in terms of winning the division. This team plays well together and they can last late into the season and playoffs. History has proven that, now while they lost the last 2 SB appearances to the NY Giants, at least they have made it to the big game yet again. This team is consistent but can they keep it up? When will QB Tom Brady start to regress? He is after all late in his career and should start showing signs but he hasn’t. Is he a freak of nature? Maybe. The thing that makes them a winning team is the system, not the players. Sure talent helps but like a wise man once said “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and that echoes true in anything. This team does reportedly have a great work ethic and a system that demands it so keeping with the status quos should not be a problem for this organization.

My prediction, this team easily wins the division again by going 10-6 but loses in their first game of the playoffs. No major changes here.

That’s all for now, let’s see what you think of the division.

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