Quarterback Rankings

This is a list of the top quarterbacks in the league(in my opinion). This list is a comprised from how these quarterbacks played for the last two seasons and how they will perform in the future. (I will not be putting up the numbers of the individual Quarterbacks in the note/blog) Fill free to argue any of these points but I will not change the top five (elite). This list will be in sections. Elite, Great, Good, Meh, and ?

Elite: only for the top 5 quarterbacks in the league. Criteria: must have ring AND numbers.

Great: the next 10 quarterbacks on the list. Any one of the people on this list can make it to the elite if they get a ring or put up monster numbers.

Good: Good enough to win a super bowl with the right parts around them

Meh: Not good enough to win a super bowl unless they have immaculate talent around them.

?: Unknowns. Meaning the last two years have been huge question marks. Either they haven’t played due to injury or lack of play, or the compilation of the two season have brought about more question marks then answers.


1. Tom Brady- big surprise here! Brady has been automatic for the last decade and 1st ballot Hall of Famer

2. Drew Brees- Breaks Dan Marino’s record and has been incredibly consistent for the Saints. Next year will be very interesting.

3. Aaron Rodgers- Was pretty much unstoppable for most of the season. As a matter of fact he has been unstoppable from last years playoff run until he met with…..

4. Eli Manning- He was not in my elite group but he sure earned his way there this season. Ali style! He said he was great and then went out there and proved it.

5. Ben Roethlisberger- Believe it or not he has been very consistent for the last few season and has shown no signs of slowing down. Injuries have been a factor in his play but he still seems to come up big when it matters most. Unless he is playing against God….I mean Tebow


6. Philip Rivers- I would argue if his coach wasn’t Norv Turner this guy would have multiple (or at least one) super bowl ring. His numbers have been fantastic through the last few years.

7. Joe Flacco- This was a tough. One thing is for certain this guy has playoff wins. A bunch of them. His numbers haven’t been elite but I feel as though if Flacco has a breakout season along with Ravens continuing their great defensive play they could win it all. Flacco is the key to how far this team goes.

8. Tony Romo- Dallas secondary was horrible last year. This hurt Romo but I feel like he is a corner or two away from making noise in the playoffs. He had a pretty damn good season considered what was happening on the defensive side of the ball.

9. Matt Ryan- Regular season assassin. Puts up great numbers in the regular season but will need to do it in the playoffs in order to move up this list.

10. Matt Schab- if this guy was playing in the playoffs this team would have went to the super bowl. His worth was really shown once he went down. He and the Texans could be VERY dangerous next season.

11. Matt Stafford- Threw for over 5k last season. Reason enough for him to make the list.

12. Mike Vick- Even though this was a step back year for him he is still the most dangerous/exciting quarterback once the ball is in his hands. If he gets injured again he will plummet down this list.

13. Jay Cutler- has all the tools to be an elite quarterback. If he can finally make smart decisions this could very well be his year as long as Foster can stay healthy.

14. Andrew Dalton- made the playoffs in one of the toughest divisions in football. He and AJ Green will be a awesome tandem for the next several years.

15. Cam Newton (Scam Newton sorry couldn’t help it) – Had one of the best rookie seasons ever. Let’s see what he can do this year but for now he will make the great list.


16. Alex Smith- he improved exponentially with Harbaugh. I wonder if there will be any fall back from the 49ers wanting Peyton Manning. Bold prediction: Josh Johnson will start at least one game for the 49ers.

17. Ryan Fitzpatrick- could be and will be higher on the list as soon as he can get his team out of the bottom of the AFC East. He can an excellent season.

18. Matt Hasselback - had a pretty good season for the Titans. His age is really the only thing keeping him low on this list.

19. Sam Bradford- injury last season really hurt him. This team could make a move and I can easily see him shooting up this list next year

20. Mark Sanchez- honestly the only reason I don't have him lower on this list is because of the multiple AFC championships he has played in. We have no clue if he will the started by the end of the season.

21. Carson Palmer - really a disappointing year for him. Missing out on time with the Bengals hurt him badly and now seeing the Bengals do well without him puts him much lower on the list.


22. Matt Moore -I actually kinda like the way Matt Moore plays but obviously he needs an epic amount of help that he will not get this year.

23. Colt McCoy- hurt by his concussion but I dont think he would have made much of a difference.

24. Matt Cassel- not much since his hype in New England.

25. Kevin Kolb -not much since his hype in Philadelphia

26. Christian Ponder- was not very impressive but lets see what he does with an actually training camp

27. Blaine Gabbert was not very impressive but lets see what he does with an actually training camp.

28. Tavaris Jackson- he needs A TON of help for that team to be successful.


29. Josh Freeman- which Freeman will we see 2010 or 2011. Will we see him become the superstar I know he can be or will he slip into mediocrity. Next season will be huge.

30. Peyton Manning- lets see how his neck does. We should pretty early what kind of Manning we will get.

31. Andrew Luck- the next Peyton Manning? No I can see him being the next Aaron Rodgers though.

32. RG3- lots of hype. I hope for DC's sake he pans out because they gave up A LOT for him.

33. Matt Flynn- the best available quarterback in free agency this season(not named Manning). He had an excellent end to the season beating the Lions throwing for almost 500 yards. Was it just a flash in the pan or a sign of things to come?

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