Some red flags about Legarrette Blount

I have stated in the comments my displeasure of Blount's comments about drafting Trent Richardson. Not because I want Richardson, but I will give some key points.

1. He said he hates the pick of Richardson at 5.

The fact he is so open about answering questions is very alarming to me.This shows immaturity on his part. So he wants to keep his job ok I get that. But he got baited into a question that will spark a controversy. I know they specifically said Richardson but the fact that Richardson's name was brought up is because he is the favorite RB option right now. Any RB that is drafted in the 2nd or 3rd round can still threaten Blount's job. But Blount just sees Richardson and seems intimidated by him taking his spot. Maybe some wont look at it as a big deal now. But what about later down the road. If the Bucs are having hard times during the season and the reporters want to get some great "newsworthy" quotes about things going wrong with the team who do you think the reporters will go to first to get something real good for them to print?

Also the fact that he has the mindset that he has proven something to not warrant the Bucs drafting a RB to possibly take his job, or at least start for him for whatever reason shows a little bit of selfishness. Should he be a little pissed off about someone possibly taking his job? Yes. Should he say it publicly? No. I didnt see any quotes about Arian Foster hating the fact that the Texans drafted Ben Tate, or that Deangelo Williams hated the fact that they drafted Johnathan Stewart. Or compare it to the Bucs right now. I don't see Mike Williams publicly complaining about Vincent Jackson taking his spot as the number 1 receiver. (Granted Jackson is proven but I hope you get the scenario). There are ways to just give a general answer and still go about your business in keeping your job. Its called being a true professional and he needs to try and do that.

2. He has not signed his tender.

Is he unhappy about his contract? Probably. But he has zero leverage to negotiate. He didnt have a breakout season last year to even scare the Bucs if he did hold out. But he's an exclusive rights free agent as to my knowledge he has two choices: sign the tender or dont play until its signed. So him not signing is a red flag because this shows more immaturity and lack of being a team player.

3. He has said he doesn't want to split carries or doesn't want to have the "Brandon Jacobs role".

Sorry to say this but no matter what running back we bring in, Blount will be splitting carries with that guy. But Coach Scihano's scheme is set up for using more than one RB to split carries. Of course one will carry more than the other and yes any RB naturally wants to carry the ball as much as possible. But if the system calls for you to split carries or be the complimentary back then you as a team player must be open to do whatever needs to be done to help your team. These remarks show that Blount is very hesitant to do so, and that he is expecting to be handed the starting role and keep it because of his "potential". But that isn't going to cut it.

Overall, I still love Blount. I know he's frustrated and hopefully he can get over it and do the best he can. Prove me and others wrong than feel he isn't a primary starting back. Prove me and others wrong that you don't need to split carries with any other back (not just Richardson). Just show me on the field. Because now you have put alot of heat on yourself with this attitude. Hope he gets it together.

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