Mark Barron's athleticism

We have a GA here who is also a stat geek and an Alabama fan like me and keeps meticulous stats of Bama players even as recruits in HS competing in track & field events, he keeps up with those stats as well, and we got to talking this morning about a recruit Bama has committed to their 2013 class Anthony Averett, who is a track & field athlete as well in New Jersey & he competed this weekend in a couple events and here are his stats after the jump

This quote is from a Bama recruiting site:

We've mentioned this before, but UA cornerback commit Anthony Averett is one of the top track athletes, specifically long jumpers, in the nation. Averett backed that up this weekend at the Penn Relays where he finished second to a participant from Jamaica, with a jump of 24 1/4 feet. Averett jumped 25 feet, 21/2 inches a week ago, which is the best high school jump in New Jersey since Carl Lewis in yeah, he's pretty special in that regard.

How is this related to Mark Barron you ask? Well I asked my friend if there were any better athletes on Bama's current roster, and he aptly told me one such athlete was but just got drafted, and assuming Trent or Chapman, asked him who? His answer shocked me to say the least (This is C&Ped from an E-Mail I asked him to send to post in here for you guys and I added ranks & position & ht/wt coming out of HS):

I keep a record of how Bama future, current, and former players do in high school T&F events. That puts Averett ahead of DeAndrew White (24') for 1st place in long jump.

I'm still amazed at what Mark Barron did in high school. He had a long jump of 22-10 and a shotput of 56-10. So he could jump farther than Trent Richardson (5 star RB, 5'9 225), Blake Sims (4 star ATH - very similar coming out of Ga as a HS QB playing that position because he was the best athlete on the team, 6'2 185), Deion Belue (4 star CB, 6' 175), Brent Calloway (5 star Ath - played both ways as RB & LB in HS, 6'2 225), Geno Smith (4 star CB, 6' 180), Eddie Williams (5 star ATH, top ATH in the country last year out of Panama City, Fla, 6'4 205), Cyrus Jones (4 star Ath out of Va 6'1 195), John Fulton (4 star CB 6'1 175), and Kenyan Drake (4 star RB 5'11 210) while outthrowing DJ Fluker (5 star OT - came in 6'5 345), Dakota Ball (3 star DL/OL, 6'2 295), LaMichael Fanning (4 star DT, 6'6 285), Undra Billingsley (4 star DE/TE, 6'4 265), Ryan Anderson (5 star OLB, 6'3 245), Xzavier Dickson (4 star DE, 6'4 265), Dalvin Tomlinson (4 star DT, 6'2 305), and Darren Lake (4 star DT, 6'5 325). He'd have been a heck of a decathalete.

Mark Barron was a 5 star athlete coming out of St. Paul's HS in Mobile, AL. He was BY FAR the best athlete on the team playing WR/RB and also S on defense, he was a deep zone S in hs scheme, He came in to Bama at 6'2 205

He is a tremendous athlete

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