The Most Prestigious The Semi-Non Official Buc Nation Draft Predictor Champion for 2012

Forget the Heisman....Forget the ESPY's......Forget a Nobel Prize.....Everyone knows you truly truly want to be

(at least if you've suffered a traumatic head injury)




Wins with a whopping 34 Points

FULL STANDINGS: (I've taken the liberty of making some of your consolation speeches)

2.Brookyln Buc - 30 points , - Instantly Demands a Recount winning the Al Gore Runner-up award

3.Cracker Ball - 29 Points, - Points out that bronze medals kinda look like gold in the right lighting

4.JDrama914 - 28 Points, JDrama successfully called the Barron to the Bucs and had a massive lead only to melt down over the next two days of the draft - he instantly goes into Dennis Green mode "Hey you wanna go ahead and crown BucFan well you crown his A##, but I had him I had him right where I wanted him and I let him off the hook"

5.BSHAW27 - 27 Points, Wins the irony award since his score matches his name

6. Sander - 26.1 Points, was going to list all ties alphabetically but Sander threatened to ban me if he didn't stay first page (actually I just didn't feel like taking the time to run a secondary sort command)

7. jben05 - 26 Points, Very happy thinking a 7th place finish qualified him for the playoffs until he was told that due to no one caring about the first round of the NBA playoffs we decided NO Playoffs, to which Jben went Jim Mora "Playoffs - you wanna talk about the playoffs?"

8. DraftPhatom - 25 Points, Rallied but forced to endure the laughter of small children going "8th what kind of draft expert are you?"

9(t) bamabucc - 24 points, Skipped the award ceremony because Nick Saban asked for a foot washing volunteer and no step is too far or too degrading for his beloved Alabama Head Coach

9(t) Rooktakesyou - 24points, A respectable top 10 finish but as a lawyer will probably start re-reading the game rules to look for some minor loophole of where I screwed him out of a 7th place finish so he may well sue me

11. akbrown15 - 21 points, Instantly Points out that 11 is simply #1 twice much to the delight of his friends who quietly snicker about it as soon as he leaves the room

12. 4QB - 20 points, Makes a case that its Mark Dominik's fault he scored outside the top 10 and that a more competent GM could have gotten him to #1

13(t) Collino - 19 points, In a tribute to our beloved Buc's he started out top 5 and was looking to run down then leader JDrama but proceeded to miss the next 10 questions totally

13(t) Brar - 19 Points, Gets the award for consistency because he stayed pretty much between 8-14 the entire time

15. Duddee - 17 points, Admits he finds this more disappointing than Tampa not selecting a true fullback

16. Dcbucfan - 16 points, Oh Buddy, I so was about to let you have it because I know your mature enough to take it but you were at negative 1 after the first day. But heck of a rally even though you started out of the Gates with all the precision of a Tim Tebow timing pass

17(t) GoBuxGo - 15 points, Roots for the Bucs to draft lower than his score for next season

17(t) Chengdu Buc - 15 points, Takes the Buddah approach and sees both sides of the score sheet , realizes it makes him a sure bet to improve this next season

19. RuudAwakening - 14 points, Lived up to his name with that score

20. thedudeofdudes - 13points, Points out that being ranked in the top 20 in college football ain't bad

21. winsonpark - 9 points, Admit's to using the "Suck for Luck Strategy" Pointing out that he will get to pick first in next years conference and NO ONE could possible score in single digits unintentionally

To ALL: Please take the comments in the spirit the contest was intended to be - just clean fun. However IF you have objections, please let me know and feel free to send all hate mail or mail bombs to my new Holland based address. He Sander , e-mail me your address, I'll stop by , no of course it's not for the hate mail.

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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