Daily Bucs Links 4/28/12 - All about Lavonte David

Martin Says Blount And He Will Be A "Perfect Partnership" | Pewter Report
That would be good.

Schiano Says Martin Is The Total Package | Pewter Report
He is.

Running back Doug Martin fits Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new scheme - Tampa Bay Times
The Bucs selected a player who fit their scheme? I am shocked, sir.

Mark Barron outranked Morris Claiborne on Bucs' board | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Of course they'll say that - but I do kind of buy it: the Bucs did pass on Claiborne at #5.

What first-round picks can expect - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Millions of dollars.

The 2012 Draft: Picture Analysis - Draft Countdown Forums
This is genius.

Newest Bucs, Barron And Martin, Introduced At One Buc | Pewter Report
Love these players.

Bucs' top pick Barron expects to be big hit | TBO.com

New Tampa Bay Buccaneers Mark Barron, Doug Martin arrive in Tampa - Tampa Bay Times
And they stay here.

Mark Dominik Opens Up About Trades | The Commish – Justin Pawlowski
This is a really interesting interview.

Busy Bucs Get Their Man Again, Nab LB David In Round 3 | Buccaneers.com
Love this pick.

Just for fun: Bucs' projected lineup as of today | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Some of those positions will have to be won in camp.

David happy to be back in Sunshine State | TBO.com
He'd better be.

Schiano And Dominik Heap Praise on Lavonte David | Pewter Report
Love him.

Teammates are reunited | TBO.com
Lavonte David and Anthony Gaitor played high school football together.

Bucs make play to fill a huge need | TBO.com
They filled three big needs so far.

In NFL draft, Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick three old-school tough guys - Tampa Bay Times
They pick three versatile players who will produce in both the run and pass game.

Good Timing Yields Clutch Player for Bucs | Buccaneers.com
Clutch, leaders, captains, winners - those terms seem important to Schiano.

[Video] Lavonte David: College Career - YouTube
This is pretty cool.

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[Video] Bucs get Barron - Video - SI.com
Mark Barron talks to Sports Illustrated.

[Video] Draft Analysis: Bucs select Barron, No. 7 - Video - SI.com
Quick analysis from SI.

Thoughts on the First Round | National Football Post
Some belated thoughts on the first round.

Five Up, Five Down From Day 1 of the NFL Draft - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Bucs down.

New Bucs Barron and Martin make their Tampa debuts | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Won't be the last time they're in time.

NFL.com news: Mike Mayock tips NFL draft cap to four movers, shakers
He loves what the Bucs did.

NFL Draft: First-round breakdown – Video Highlights of the National Football League - Fox Sports on MSN
And so does Brian Billick.

[Video] Mark Barron and Doug Martin Introductory PC | Buccaneers.com
Martin has a perpetual squint.

[Video] One On One with Doug Martin | Buccaneers.com
Good fun.

[Video] Interview with 1st Round Pick Mark Barron | Buccaneers.com
All business.

[Video] One On One with College Scout Tony Kinkela | Buccaneers.com
I love when they interview scouts.

[Video] @1Buc: First Round Picks Arrive | Buccaneers.com
More one-minute fluff pieces.

[Video] Bucs Select LB Lavonte David Press Conference | Buccaneers.com
Production, production, production.

Second straight quiet day in NFL draft for Florida, Florida State - Tampa Bay Times
Sad days.

Where each team stands after two days of the draft | ProFootballTalk
A quick overview of the picks.

[Video] NFL Videos: Buccaneers pick Lavonte David No. 58
Video of the pick.

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