Meltdown - Draft Day Edition

If Michael Bay were to team up with the NFL, the end product would have been the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. It was a tulmultuous Blitzkrieg that left the most ardent draft surveyors dizzy in it's wake. The draft day Meltdown was set in motion before the commissioner had even stepped to the stage. Emotions ran high in the confusion. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Draft Day Meltdown. Consider it an honor if you made the cut.

**As always with the Meltdown, proceed with caution (Strong Language)

Can I get a CHOO CHOO for the T-TRAIN!!!!???

Browns just traded up to #3 The T-Train just left the station.
I think i heard dc and bama's hearts break all the way from az.
Another 1 dies a slow death in Cleveland

Richardson Gone! Claiborne is ours!

smh! Time to switch to the derrick brooks jersey

Where is Bam? He probably needs a shoulder to cry on...come back to the fold!

gonna suck watching his highlights not in pewter. I hope we trade out of the 5th pick if Minny takes Mo. Let’s go get Barron!!! That would make my Bammer heart feel somewhat better.

….if Dom trades up…I will start lighting shit on fire.

At this point Claiborne or trade back for kuechly, anything else would be dissappointing

WTF it’s like we should of lost another game to secure one of these players now we have nothing we actually wanted. I guess it’s Kuechly or Kalil at 5

It would be dumb if we traded our pick and Claiborne still there at 5


Dom just fucked this up! Why dont you u just wait til were on the clock to trade?

Vikings.....U smoke screeners u!

We Are So Screwed! We trade down and Minnesota takes Kalil… Blood Clot

I feel like the guy getting worked at the poker table

last time we traded down with JAX, we got Dexter Jackson, dammit

Oh shit, Dallas traded up? Damn!

I think we just got f-cked by Dallas

Fire Dom. I'm done with him

He is garbage

Dominik is getting worked, this is embarrassing

man f... ny and this draft I aint even da mood to be on camera. I left. Smh did we even get claiborne?

so we miss on richardson pass on claiborne and kuechly and end up wit barron and a 4th rounder? Smh fire dom now

no choo choo and no beep beep

Mo's mom is probably pissed now

Barron? Really? Im not thrilled with this at all


I need to find a new team

OH FUCK ME The goddamn PANTHERS take Kuechly?!?!?

Excited to see Nicks put Kuechly on his ass!

Dom's quote "We got the guy we wanted"

What else would he say? "Sorry guys, I messed up. But at least it wasn't Burfict right?"

Instead of Choo Choo, It's Boo Hoo

we fucked this up. this is a nightmare

Im dizzy

richardson should have pulled an eli manning

someone shoot dom mo claiborne to dallas

Dom sucks A 4th to miss Claiborne? I#@U^@()$*^)@(^$


BOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! BOOOOOOOOO Draft is off to a terrible start for us. How is Dom gonna spin this at the press conference. “We like Morris, but we REALLY wanted Barron.” I ain’t buying that crap.

One of the worst moves in draft Buc history Just wow. They got a crap 4th round pick and lost Claibourne morons

I give the Bucs an F for the first round SMH

I am butt hurt

Ya this is fucking terrible. Thanks for the game day cussing rules.

Get the paper bags out, we spent a top 10 pick on a safety. Wow, just wow. We're run by monkeys.

Dude, I can’t believe ya’ll did that trade. I had to come over and here and see your reaction. As a Saints fan, I thought Claiborne was going to be sick for you. Now he’s a flipping Cowboy.

until the strippers and coke problems

with the 7 pick....bucs gm shoots himself in the head

Horrible. Absolutely terrible.


I’m going to have this feeling until the season starts and Barron proves his worth. This is like the exact opposite way to feel when your team is picking in the top ten. Just means this draft is a failure.

absolute garabage, I like Barron, but I think Claiborne is special. Dom better know what he is doing because the extra pick is useless if Barron isn’t a top 3 safety in the nfl.


what a joke

Mediocrity!! There's no argument, today was a dissappointment.

Im dissappointed, but I will reserve judgement until we see what happens with Barron on the field

The optimism award goes to BucsFanAZ with this:

Barron will be a better DB than Claiborne. Write it down. You forget that Claiborne's position coach is on staff and had insight none of us could even imagine.

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