Round 2 NFL Mock Draft: Who will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick on day two?

LINCOLN NE - OCTOBER 16: Running back Tre' Newton #23 of the Texas Longhorns gets wrapped up by linebacker Lavonte David #4 and cornerback Prince Amukamara #21 of the Nebraska Cornhuskers during second half action of their game at Memorial Stadium on October 16 2010 in Lincoln Nebraska. Texas Defeated Nebraska 20-13. (Photo by Eric Francis/Getty Images)

The second round of the NFL draft starts tonight at 7:00 PM ET, but the Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't have a pick until the third round, when they hold the fifth pick of that round. The Bucs traded back into the first round to select Doug Martin late last night, causing them to miss out on this second round. I'd still like to look at a few round 2 mock drafts, however, if only to look at the players who could fall to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Bucs have two big needs remaining at linebacker and cornerback, so I'll be looking at these mock drafts through that lens. Plus, I'll keep an eye out for wide receiver Mohamed Sanu, because I think he really looks like Marques Colston: an outstanding slot receiver who can basically work the middle of the field like a quality receiving tight end. The Bucs could really use that kind of presence - and the fact that he played at Rutgers helps me connect the dots.

2012 NFL Mock Second Round Draft - Mocking the Draft
No Lavonte David, no Janoris Jenkins, no Mohamed Sanu - they're all off the board at the end of this mock draft. Cornerbacks Josh Robinson, Leonard Johnson and Brandon Boykins disappear as well. But the Bucs will find good value at linebacker in this mock draft: Mychal Kendricks and Bobby Wagner are a few players falling to the third round.

SB Nation's second round mock draft:

We can see the same issue here: Lavonte David and Mohamed Sanu go off the board early, while a run on cornerbacks develops afterward: Jenkins, Flemming, Boykin and Trumaine Johnson all fly off the board. Interestingly, UCF cornerback Josh Robinson falls to the third round here. Bobby Wagner does come off the board this time, but Mychal Kendricks should still be available in the second round.

Don't be surprised if the Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade back into the second round to grab a player they want, however. The Bucs have swung two trades in this draft so far already. This is not a particularly strong draft, and the quality of available players really falls off somewhere during the third round. The Bucs could swing some of their low-value late-round picks to get back into the second round for a quality player.

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