NEW 7 Rd Mock by Todd McShay, is Kuechly the new popular pick for Bucs?

NEW 7 Rd Mock By Todd McShay, Steve Muench and Kevin Weidl on ESPN. Axctually would be ok with this one

5 (5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College. This is after we see our top 2 prospects taken at #3 & #4

4 (36) Tampa Bay Buccaneers David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech NNNOOOOOO J/K really don't like Wilson that much, especially with Lavonte David & Ja. Jenkins still obn the board, but everyone's favorite Boise St Doug Martin gone with the 1st pick of the 2nd rd

5 (68) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jayron Hosley, CB, Virginia Tech. Meh ok considering we would still need a CB with their mock. However Mychal Kendricks, D. Davis (Arky St), and Lamicheal James are all still on the board

5 (140) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tauren Poole, RB, Tennessee. Would be a GREAT value, still productive behind a TERRIBLE OL his whole career, very balanced, actually would rather have him than 1 yr wonder Wilson from VT. REALLY like this pick

4 (174) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Winston Guy, S, Kentucky YEEESSSSS!!! LOVE this pick, I outlined why in my post about him, VERY underrated & would be a high quality pick here. Interesting prospect still on the board though, Miami DT Marcus Forston hhmmmm

5 (212) Tampa Bay Buccaneers Shawn Loiseau, ILB, Merrimack. Don't know mucdh about him honestly. Some VERY interesting developmental players, I have told you guys before on Vlachos, best run blocking OC the last 2 years, still on the board, Duke Ihenacho is another guy I like, very raw, but could be a steal, Aaron Henry S from Wisconsin would also be a steal in the 7th, also Cyrus Gray is also on the board, and finally for the group that likes taking at least 1 QB, my favorite QB peospect Kellen Moore is still on the board SMH

So what do you guys think? Do you like this one?

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