So you think you know the NFL Draft?

Buc’s Draft Day’s of Fun – I figured this might be a fun game for everyone to try. Let’s call it a competition. I thought about coming up with a prize, but I resigned my job in protest on Thursday so cash awards are out. I also don’t own a goofy trophy to send out. Unlike the Buc’s website I can’t offer free game tickets either and offering you a free copy of my free draft guide would just be redundant - so what are we playing for? A TITLE. If you win you get to be:

The Semi-Non Official Buc Nation Draft Predictor Champion for 2012

Who wouldn’t want to compete for that title?

Here’s how it works, pick multiple choice answers for the 20 questions below (you can fill it out just like your SAT’s). The points are located on the right, each answer has a set amount of points. The more outlandish the answer, the more points it’s awarded.

Questions Where You Can Choose Only 1 Answer

Question 1: Who will be the first player selected by the Buccaneers in the 2012 NFL Draft?

A. Trent Richardson 2 points

B. Morris Claiborne 2 points

C. Matt Kalil 3 points

D. Luke Kuechly 5 points

E. Other (You must name the player) 6 points

Question 2: How many WR’s will be selected in the first round of the draft?

A. Two or fewer 4 points

B. Three 2 points

C. Four 2 points

D. Five 4 Points

E. More than 5 6 points

Question 3: How many Runningbacks will be taken before the 36th Overall Pick (Tampa’s 2nd)

A. One 3 points

B. Two 2 points

C. Three 3 point

D. Four 5 Points

E. Other(You must specify)7 points

Question 4: Who will be the first defensive tackle drafted?

A. Fletcher Cox 1 point

B. Michael Brockers 2 points

C. Dontari Poe 3 points

D. Other(Specify and pray) 6 points

Question 5: How many trades will be made involving first round draft picks on the 26th of April? (Note trades already conducted, like the Redskins moving up to 2 DO NOT count, only those conducted on draft day on the 26th )

A. 2 or Fewer 4 points

B. 3 3 points

C. 4 2 points

D. 5 1 point

E. 6 2 points

F. More than Six 4 points

Question 6: How many QB’s will be drafted in all 7 rounds?

A. 10 or less 4 points

B. 11 3 points

C. 12 2 points

D. 13 2 points

E. 14 or more 3 points

Question 7: How Many Defensive Backs will be drafted in Round 1?

A. 3 Or Fewer 5 points

B. 4 3 Points

C. 5 3 Points

D. 6 4 Points

E. 7 or more 5 Points

Question 8: By What Pick Number will the “Big 5 Runningbacks” (Richardson, Lamar Miller, Doug Martin , LaMichael James, David Wilson) by All gone? [IE when is the last of the big 5 picked]

A. Before pick 50 5 points

B. Between pick 50-55 4 points

C. Between pick 56-60 3 points

D. Between pick 61-65 3 points

E. Between pick 66-70 4 points

F. Between pick 71-75 5 points

G. After pick 75 6 points

Questions Where You can Choose More than 1 Answer

Question 9: Which of the following players WILL NOT be taken in the first 10 picks? (List as many as you like, each gets you 2 points, however if you select a player and he does go in the first 10, you also lose 2 points)

A. Reilly Reiff

B. Fletcher Cox

C. Stephon Gilmore

D. Ryan Tannehill

E. Luke Kuechly

F. Michael Floyd

G. Melvin Ingram

Question 10: Which Positions Will the Bucs use their first 3 selections on? (Note: If Tampa trades back and gets extra picks only the first three players selected, regardless of round are scored)

Note: You may choose the same position more than once if you see us double dipping

A. QB 5 points

B. RB 2 points

C. FB 8 points

D. WR 5 points

E. TE 4 points

F. OL 3 points

G. DL 5 points

H. LB 2 points

I. DB 2 points

J. P/PK/LS 10 points

Over/Under and True False Questions

Question 11: Over/Under Pick Number Luke Kuechly is drafted by?

Under: 11.5 2 points

Over : 11.5 2 points

Question 12: Over/Under Pick Number Ryan Tannehill is drafted by

Under: 6.5 4 points

Over: 6.5 2 points

Question 13: Over/Under Pick Number Janoris Jenkins is drafted by

Under 33.5 2 points

Over 33.5 3 points

Question 14: Over/Under Pick Number Mark Barron is drafted by

Under 14.5 2 points

Over 14.5 3 points

Question 15: Over/Under Pick number Harrison Smith will be drafted by?

Under 32.5 2 points

Over 32.5 2 points

Question 16: Which player will be drafted first Kellen Moore or Russell Wilson?

Wilson 1 point

Moore 1 point

Question 17: Will there be a kicker or punter selected before the 5th round?

Yes 2 points

No 1 point

Question 18: Will Mark Dominick “Double Dip” at defensive back or linebacker in the first three rounds (i.e. draft two defensive backs or two linebackers in the first three rounds)

Yes 2 points

No 1 point

Question 19: Will Tampa select a player from a Non FBS school in the draft?

Yes 2 points

No 1 point

Question 20: Will Tampa make a Trade involving a pick at some point in the draft?

Yes 1 point

No 2 points

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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