Mocking the draft live draft- final rounds update

Rooktakesyou and I voluntereed to take on the role of a Mock GM for the Bucs in the MTD live draft. You can find the threads for them here and here. Rook took the 1st of our picks (all by himself) and I jumped in as an assistant for the 2nd pick onwards. So the picks that the Bucs chose were #5- Matt Kalil, #29 Janoris Jenkins, #80 Lamichael James, #112 Brandon Taylor, and #151. The reasoning behind the picks were as follows:

#5 Matt Kalil- He was the BPA on this board since the picks before us were (#3-Vikings) Michael Brockers {Side note- I laughed at this pick} and (#4-Browns) Morris Claiborne. The pick came down to deciding whether it was franchise tackle or franchise running back. Franchise tackle wins every day of the week. Also, of note was that there was no time to trade down because Rook joined a little late.This gives the Bucs (potentially) the best O-line in football.

Matt Kalil NFL Draft Analysis - 2010 Season (via TMBDraft)

#29 Janoris Jenkins- This pick was traded to the Ravens for our #36 (2nd), #174 (6th), #212 (7th). One of the rules in this draft was the picks had to be within 200 points of the Nfl draft pick value chart. I, for one, did not really care about the late round picks at this point in the draft- so the deal was made. Janoris Jenkins is a talented cornerback, perhaps even the best cornerback in this draft from pure ability standpoint. The only issue with him is the fact that he has character concerns. Allegedly, those issues are smoking pot (even while at Northern 'Bama) and having 4 children with 3 women, a fact that Jenkins himself admitted. However, ultimately I see Schiano as a person who runs a tight ship and can control Jenkins (even if this will be a piece of work). To add, this gives the Bucs a legit #1 cornerback who can shut down the Steve Smith/Roddy White/Taints WR corps.

Janoris Jenkins vs Julio Jones & AJ Green (via BrownsOrBust)

#80 Lamichael James- We've all been yelling for a complement to cover up any weaknesses that Legarrette Blount might have and here it is. I see James in the Darren Sproles (saints mold). James can run, catch out of the backfield, and has shown the ability to pass block. Blount will also be happy to share a time-split with James here. This was one of the two positions I wanted to draft in the mid-late rounds (the other being TE), and James is a solid pick here.

Lamichael James vs LSU 2011 (via JMPasq)

#112- Somebody had to replace Tanard Jackson and Taylor fits that mold perfectly. Taylor is an aggressive free safety/Strong Safety type who can deliver hits. Taylor also has the ability to be in the box or be in deep coverage downfield. The only knocks on him are at times he is overtly aggressive and is really inconsistent when it comes to tackling (apparently all of LSU's defense is really deficient in that category). However, he plays with a mean streak that Schiano and Sheridan might like. If somebody on this defensive coaching staff can teach tackling, he should be a servicable to above average starter.

Brandon Taylor vs Florida 2011 (via JPDraftJedi)

#151 Emmanuel Acho- A LB WHO CAN TACKLE! THAT'S RARE and that's exactly what Emmanuel Acho is. While not an elite athlete (nor will he ever be); Acho is a guy with plus fundamentals in tackling, shedding blocks, and understanding of basic zone coverage. He can play the WLB position and is experienced in both a 4-3 and 3-4 front which suits Sheridan's defensive philosophy/scheme. With a little bit of coaching in man coverage (stiff hips syndrome), Acho can be a better OLB starter than anyone on our roster (not saying much). His upside isn't too great but until next year (or whenever we go after an LB), Acho can hold down his position.

Emmanuel Acho vs Oklahoma (via JMPasq)

That concludes our MTD final live draft and IMO, it looks pretty good.

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