5 Plausible Buccaneer Draft Scenarios

As I’m fond of saying sometimes we asses all new information In the context of what we already believe. For most of us we’ve identified the Bucs major positional needs as: CB, LB(MLB or OLB) , and RB (Feature or Change of Pace). We , of course have no way of knowing if our assumption matches what the current coaching staff and front office believes. Quality arguments can be made for improvements at SS, FS, TE, RT, and FB. There are even calls for backup type players at C, CB, OG, LB, and a developmental backup QB. In addition to this our draft(especially the first pick) revolves around 6 things (some not in our control):

1. Who Minnesota Selects at #3.

2. Who Cleveland Takes at #4.

3. In what order does the Bucs Front Office place, Claiborne & Richardson?

4. How far do they feel the drop off is from someone like Clairbone to Josh Robinson/Dennard , or Richardson to Miller/James/etc.. How far is there dropoff from Claiborne/Richardson/Kalil to other top tier first rounds like Kuechly/Gilmore.

5. What would another team offer to move up for player X?

6. Who is the linebacker Schiano is said to be in love with?

So with those in mind and using the consensus estimates from my draft guide, still available for free at, I’ve put together 5 plausible scenario’s for fun speculation.(Would have included this in the guide, but most of those looking for it where non-Tampa fans so didn't want to add length).

Scenario A. (Consensus Picks & Needs).

--Minnesota takes Kalil, Cleveland takes Justin Blackmon, we select:

RD 1- Trent Richardson HB Alabama – Would clearly make us top 10 offense capable

RD 2- Josh Robinson CB UCF – Assuming he doesn’t go in round 1

RD 3- Ronnell Lewis OLB Oklahoma St. – Mason Foster stays inside , two big hitting linebackers

RD 5- George Iloka FS Boise St. – He’s tall that’s something

RD 6- Nick Provo TE Syracuse – Undersized but fun

RD 7- Joe Martinek FB Rutgers – Had to let Greg draft one of his own guys

Scenario B. (Consensus Picks & Needs, new Cle selection).

--Minnesota takes Kalil, Cleveland takes Richardson we select:

RD 1- Morris Claiborne CB LSU - Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of Rum on the Secondary’s new #1 Corner

RD 2- Zach Brown OLB North Carolina – Again Foster stays inside

RD 3- Isiah Pead RB Cincinnati – If he blocks as half heartedly as he did at Cincinnati this guy will have a dog house built for him by Schiano

RD 5- Evan Rodriguez FB Temple – Could also “flex” to TE in a pinch

RD 6- Tavon Wilson FS Illinois – Were already flirting with him why not take him home from the dance

RD 7- Jaye Howard DT/DE Florida – Could be Roy Miller’s death nail

Scenario C. (Call this the Best Player Available approach)

---Minnesota takes Claiborne, Cleveland takes Richardson

RD 1 – Matt Kalil LT USC – Best of the elite players remaining

RD 2- Cody Fleener TE Stanford – Given all our pending two TE sets and interest in trading Winslow

RD 3- Josh Norman CB Coastal Carolina – Having passed on CB early we go for it here

RD5- Lance Dunbar RB North Texas – Blount breathes easier, for now , though Dunbar’s underrated imo

RD6- Danny Trevethan OLB Kentcuky – Interesting prospect light but interesting

RD7- Quentin Salsbury C Mississippi St. – Backup C and G prospect

Scenario D. (Calls this Schiano loves Kuechly and Jacksonville loves Blackmon)

---Minnesota Takes Kalil, Cleveland takes Richardson, we trade with Jacksonville swapping 1st round picks and receiving their 3rd round selection #70 overall

RD1- Luke Kuechly MLB Boston College – Foster shifts to WLB, Kuechly QB’s the defense

RD2- LaMichael James RB Oregon – For all the Duck lovers of speed

RD3- Antonio Allen SS Clemson – Could be an interesting fit

RD3(Obtained From Jags)- LaDarius Green TE UL-Lafeyette – Certainly a move guy

RD5- Trevin Wade CB Arizona – We’ll hope we get the 2009 version

RD6- Emil Iwanagu FB UMASS – Another hybrid FB/TE type

RD7- Matt McCants OT UAB – Big kid sloppy technique

Scenario E. (Call this Schiano loves Hightower and Dom goes all in)

---Minnesota takes Kalil, Cleveland takes Blackmon, we trade our 2nd Round selection and our 1st round pick in 2013 to Detroit in order to move ahead of Pittsburgh

RD1 – Trent Richardson RB Alabama – The factor back

RD1b- Dont’a Hightower MLB Alabama – Two Alabama guys

RD3- Ron Brooks CB LSU – Would be a slight reach but with inside info might be worth it

RD5- Brian Linthicum TE Michigan St. – Decent blocker short and intermediate routes

RD6- Andrew Datko OT Florida St. – Bigger project type OT

RD7- Jeron McMillian FS Maine – Small school kid might make good

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