All trade scenarios.

There is always an argument on just about EVERY Bucs Nation FanPost. This may or may not be another. The Buccaneers obviously have 3 major positions of need, and a couple of other positions could be taken care of by our 5th pick. I intend to run through all of likely draft scenarios.

The first and most likely scenario to me, is:

3. Minnesota - Justin Blackmon.

4. Cleveland - Trent Richardson.

Leaving Tampa Bay in an interesting position, we can take Morris Claiborne at our best position of need or we can take the best available in Matt Kalil. I'm not saying Trueblood is a horrible RT, but he's not terrible. If Schiano and Shelton Quarles don't like Morris Claiborne, and think he'll be a solid number 2, but not a 10 year number 1 Corner, we can try and I say "try" to trade back with another team (Miami or Buffalo) and pick up a 2012 and a 2013 first rounder. I'll take that, especially with Buffalo who always seem to pick high.

Second scenario - more unlikely:

3. Minnesota - Matt Kalil.

4. Cleveland - Trent Richardson/Justin Blackmon.

This leaves us with only Morris Claiborne as the option to take here. I assume we are all in agreement that we do NOT need a number 1 Wide Receiver now? Not only, that but the option of possibly trading back is still there, with for a team wanting Blackmon/Richardson (Whichever player isn't taken) or Tannehill.

Third Scenario - The one we'd like:

3. Minnesota - Matt Kalil.

4. Cleveland or a trade partner with them - Ryan Tannehill

This leaves us with several options. We can take Claiborne, we can take Richardson, we can trade back for a team looking to do an Atlanta and Julio Jones and, if anyone is willing to do it, we could trade back for a team wanting Morris Claiborne.

Cleveland will not take Morris Claiborne. The have Haden and he is far from a bust, so why use a first rounder on a position you have filled already, when you can fill a position which they desperately need (QB, WR or RB)

For the record, I don't care which pick we take. I think Kalil, Claiborne, Richardson and Kuechly are all fantastic. I think they will all be very good players in their respective careers.

What do you think? Have I missed any obvious draft scenarios?

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