It's Coming April 10th.......Free Draft Guide

Are you a draft junkie? Want more draft coverage? Don't like Mel Kiper's take? Simply too cheap to buy a draft guide?

If any of the above questions ring true to you I have a solution. Myself and a friend have written a 2012 NFL Draft Guide, this is an amateur production and not a commercial project meaning : ITS TOTALLY FREE.

What it has:

  • In Depth Profiles and assessments on more than 200 future NFL players
  • Player Rankings & Valuation
  • Links to highlight reels & Discussion of grading metrics
  • A mock draft section
  • Player Action photo's (here and there we didn't want to make it too big to e-mail)
  • A special emphasis on Florida's three pro teams

How do you get this draft guide: Simple By E-mail. We are going to distribute it in PDF format on the 10th of April and have set up a yahoo e-mail to send it from Again, this is not a commercial product, it's totally free, more than a hundred hours of research and clip watching at no charge. You can either post your e-mail address here, or if you prefer simply, send an e-mail

A quick preview on a pair of players I don't expect Tampa Bay to draft (NOTE: I can't attach head shots in a fan post so you'll have to wait to actually get the guide, also as a teaser if you want to know our grading rubric you'll have to read the actual guide)

Robert Griffin III QB Baylor 6’2” 233lbs. [10.95]

The most UNIQUE QB to come out of the draft I can remember. First off the comparisons to Michael Vick are understandable if not totally accurate. He does have Vick like suddenness and a cannon arm , but that’s where the comparisons end. First off Griffin has much higher character and not insulting Vick, Griffin is a heck of a lot more intelligent (In terms of raw intelligence probably only Alex Smith will score higher). Griffin graduated early at Baylor, has long term plans to obtain a JD in Law, he’s disciplined a military brat, humble and focused. Some casual fans have called Griffin a one year wonder completely ignoring the fact that he is a four year starter at Baylor (39 starts, missed time his sophomore year). Griffin is the proximate reason that many fans have now heard of Baylor. He entered the first game of his collegiate career after the fourth series of that game and never surrendered the starting job. His freshman year he completed 160 of 267(59.9%) attempts for 2091 yards, threw just 3 interceptions and 15 touchdowns while rushing for 843 yards and 13 more touchdowns. Griffin’s sophomore campaign was lost after just three games when he suffered a knee injury and would later be redshirted. I have to believe his junior season made everyone in Waco realize they had something special Griffin returned from injury to complete 304 of 454(66.9%) attempts for 3,501 yards and 22 TD’s over 8 interceptions. His Heisman winning campaign got the attention of not just Waco but the whole nation completing 267 of 369(72.4%) for 3,998 yards a whopping 36 touchdowns over just 6 interceptions and added 644 yards on the ground with 9 TD’s. Griffin did two things that made me believe beyond a doubt he is a franchise QB; he improved every year in college and he produced touchdowns while consistently avoiding turnovers.

Griffin has three major drawbacks though; first his short and intermediate route throwing shows some inconsistency because he has a tendency to rifle the ball when he has no need to, instantly stopping YAC opportunities. The second is that he played in one of the least sophisticated offenses in college football at Baylor. Griffin has limited experience with drop back reads, hot reads, or check downs. At Baylor the plan was primary option then scramble until someone else is open, this will have to change at the next level. The third and largest concern is durability in 2009 Griffin missed virtually the entire season due to an ACL tear. In addition his running style and long high stepping legs will expose him to injury at the next level; like the aforementioned Vick, the elusive Big Ben, and Tampa’s developing Freeman those QB’s who elude and stride like that WILL miss games at times, so wherever Griffin lands don’t expect him to start an entire 16 (or longer still 18) game season every year. If you take Griffin you should know he’s going to be hurt some of the time. I do have one further short term concern…Griffin, while humble, is from a military family, he communicates in a military manner it’s blunt and direct. At Baylor this has rubbed some of his teammates the wrong way when the team was not winning. Griffin however does run with jaw dropping fluidity, throws the deep ball as well as anyone playing QB right now, and can make any throw he wants to on the field at any point. I think the best comparison for Griffin is Steve Young, but like Young I’m expecting Griffin’s early career success to be based largely on the coaching around him early on. If he lands with a coordinator who can game plan to augment his strengths early on, then spoon feed him the mechanics of QB play Griffin should excel early. If someone wants him running a west-coast style offense from day one …I smell a lot of trouble and then becoming a great player when his team goes coordinator shopping.

. Brock Osweiler QB Arizona St. 6’7” 242lbs. [9.3]

As tall as a QB can be 6’7” at 242, Osweiler decided to end his collegiate career when Dennis Erickson was fired. Brock was a single season starter at ASU posting very solid numbers going 326 of 516(63.2%) for 4036 yards, 26 TD’s and 13 INT’s. The 2:1 TD to INT ratio is sort of the minimum threshold for a QB coming out of college but that’s a bit misleading, many of Osweiler’s interceptions came while trying to rush and get ASU back into position to compete in games. I think Osweiler is probably a bit underrated given the lack of talent that was around him at ASU and an offensive system that didn’t maximize his skill set. Osweiler played in a spread offense at ASU but seems much better suited to playing under center and using his height, compact release, and pocket presence. Osweiler delivers from a ¾ motion and shows exceptional accuracy which may have much further upside once his footwork is improved. Osweiler is a two-sport athlete, having been offered a basketball scholarship at Gonzaga, and you can see the athleticism in some really exceptional foot speed for a man his size, he just needs someone to coach those feet into the right position.

Brock was a team leader at ASU publicly taking the hit for mistakes and substandard play which were not always his. His teammates give him high marks in leadership and locker room presence and he has no known off the field issues. Osweiler also throws well while on the move something many QB’s simply cannot do. Some scouts criticize his arm strength but I disagree, seeing this as the result of improperly set feet, when he steps into throws he can really zing it. The other question concerns holding the ball too long but again I feel this is because of an external factor, mainly that a majority of time his receivers had zero separation downfield, throwing into coverage with receivers who didn’t always fight for the ball can’t be appealing to many QBs. In addition while a running quarterback can simply tuck it and go to beat a defense Brock lacks the explosive take off from the pocket ability of other spread QBs (though he does have some scoot ability on designed draws). Osweiler will be best suited in a system where he can sit for some time and work on his footwork (it’s really atrocious) but if he can improve his feet his combination of leadership and natural accuracy (tremendous hand eye coordination); he could easily develop into a more accurate version of Joe Flacco.

Why were doing it: Simply put this is a collaboration with myself and a high school friend who used to get together every draft day in high school to have a draft party. As our careers have taken us to two different parts of the country we wanted to rehash and recapture some of the fun of our early debates and tracking...thanks to the internet this became possible.

Why isn't it ready until the 10th of April: First off individual workouts will not be done until early April and second It will be getting a professional edit for grammar and punctuation prior to release.

What were looking for out of it? Feedback plain and simple, love it or hate it. Either here or by e-mail we'd appreciate it , though your certainly under no obligation, if you'd send us a quick e-mail or post a quick note letting us know how it was received, probably the same reason most writers publish things. So hopefully we can spark some debate and food for thought.

Again free and totally non commercial and a thank you to Sander for allowing me to promote it on here.

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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