Daily Bucs Links 3/22/12 - The Saints get pummeled

Bucs Sign OT Meredith | Pewter Report
Don't get too excited, he just looks like a camp body to me.

Sean Payton stunned by suspension: "I’m not OK" | ProFootballTalk
I am. Teehee.

The NFL’s official announcement regarding bounty discipline | ProFootballTalk
So much glee.

NFL weighs changes on overtime, defenseless players, trade deadline | ProFootballTalk
That's a lot of rule changes. Most of them good.

Goodell lowers boom on the Saints | ProFootballTalk

List of Saints' penalties - NFC South Blog - ESPN

New Orleans Saints bounty players can expect to be disciplined as well - Peter King - SI.com
Yes please.

Full-year suspension of New Orleans coach Sean Payton will be felt by Saints - Don Banks - SI.com
So much fun. (I am not a merciful man)

How will massive Saints penalties impact NFC South competition? | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
They will make the Saints worse, though they still have Brees.

Drew Brees has upper hand as bounty punishment puts Saints in dire straits - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Good fun.

Ronde Barber's return gives Bucs stability - NFC South Blog - ESPN
They can't really have him start, however.

The fallout from Ronde Barber's return to the Bucs | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
I don't think this changes a lot.

Bucs 2012 Free Agency Recap | Pewter Report
Free agency isn't over yet.

Fennelly: With blood in water, Bucs must strike | TBO.com

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Freeman: Jackson Will Be 'Huge' for Bucs | Buccaneers.com
Hah, double meaning.

Prospect Watch: Stephon Gilmore | Buccaneers.com
He could be available early in the second round.

Green-Ellis likely to be a Bengal soon
That would take one RB off the market.

Josh Johnson's best option might no longer available | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Sucks for him.

2012 NFL free agency -- New Orleans Saints, ex-Denver Broncos DT Brodrick Bunkley reach 5-year deal - ESPN
That'll eat up some cap space they could have used on Curtis Lofton.

Tom Benson's biggest challenge - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Winning games?

He’s Back! Barber Returns on One-Year Deal | Buccaneers.com

Allowed to choose Jets or Jaguars, Tebow chooses Jets | Shutdown Corner - Yahoo! Sports

Who will take Sean Payton’s place? – Audibles
Even their assistant head coach is suspended.

NFL Draft: Claiborne is the smart play for Vikings | National Football Post
Claiborne is not better than Kalil.

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