MELTDOWN: What Saints fans are saying

As you all know the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell came down hard on the New Orleans Saints earlier today levying harsh punishment for implementing a bounty system over the past 3 seasons. Coaches/players suspensions, fines, and stripped draft picks are being flung around. The carnage has begun.

The real fun can be found as the Meltdown occurs on Saints' blogs across the interwebz.

This Meltdown consists of the anti-Christ, Hitler, New England clam chowder, drug tests, eunuchs, cart-offs, pancreatic cancer, BP CEO Tony Hayward, burning Fleur-di-lis, apologies, and the Pope mobile.

Kudos to Saints fans, as they did not disappoint while sharing their discontent.

Enjoy the meltdown after the jump (Caution: Strong language)

We Are Screwed!!!!!!!!!

I hope they’re pissed!! Hope this motivates them to show Goodell whos boss.

Payton got the whole damn season!! Man F* THE LEAGUE for this!!!

Let’s all just admit that this is Roger Goodell doing his best to look good for the media while failing to address the real inherent violence of his sport.

goodell can suck me

Goodell is the anti-christ of the NFL! FU Goodell!!!!!!

Oh Yeah, if any Vikings fans come here to show their asses, ban them immediately!!!

What did you learn from all this? That you are better off cheating and ruining the integrity of the game by filming opponents practicing than you are by encouraging the team to hit people hard.

Pats get a slap on the wrist for actual cheating and trying to gain a competitive advantage, and we get this?

Alle Haigel Kaiser Goodell

Roger Goodell – the NFL’s eunuch

If anyone says we got off light, they should be drug tested

This Punishment will sweeten every win the Saints have over the majority of the teams they play this year. Culminating in the LOMBARDI won at home.

And where does Goodell think he's going to eat during the Super Bowl next year? He's about as persona non grata as Tony Hayward

I got $500 for a cart-off on Goodell

Robert Kraft and Bill Belichek are laughing their asses off over a cup of New England clam chowder as I type this

I hope Roger Goodell gets pancreatic cancer and dies a slow and certain death.

Relax guys. This is setting us up for the most glorious Super Bowl win of all time. Imagine the look on Goodell's face as he has to come down and give us the trophy.

Sean Payton suspended for the year is THE WORST that could’ve happened!!!

Really wish Goodell had at least thrown in a "sorry"

The Saints are being totally screwed over such nonsense. It was just stupidity to formalize what everybody does as a matter of course. The shock at the brutality being shown by other fans and the league is either extreme naivete or straight up hypocrisy. I just can’t speak right now. Damn!

Keiser Godell wants to cover his own ass in current and future litigations, except this does little to actually help him…. unless, he puts ALL THE BLAME on the Saints/Payton/Williams etc.

Let's get drunk and burn a fluer-di-lis in Goodell's front yard

Goodell does know he has to show up in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, right?

...and, he will have to be driven around in the Popemobile

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