Tebow-Time in Tampa Bay? Why Tim Tebow Coming to the Bucs Makes Some Sense

FOXBORO, MA - JANUARY 14: Tim Tebow #15 of the Denver Broncos looks on against the New England Patriots during their AFC Divisional Playoff Game at Gillette Stadium on January 14, 2012 in Foxboro, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

I know, I know. You read the title of the article and snickered. He can't be serious, right? Tim Tebow in Pewter? What is J.C. smoking tonight?

Well, true believers, I am not smoking anything (or drinking or on any medication that would otherwise alter my perception of reality). The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of Tim Tebow coming to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Sander is right now re-thinking his giving me permission to post on BucsNation. It's okay though, stay with me for just a moment and hear me out.

Yes, we all know that Timmy can't hit the broad side of a barn until the fourth quarter. We know that Josh Freeman is the quarterback of the present and future for this franchise. We know that the Bucs won't be running the spread-option anytime soon.

Yet, there's something inside me that can't help but think what an amazing thing it would be to see Tebow in Tampa (and no, my orange and blue leanings aren't blending into my Pewter and Red).

Say what you will about Tebow's ability as a quarterback - but you can't deny the X factor. He took over a 1-4, dead to rights Broncos team and not only led them to the playoffs but made the game winning play in the playoffs against the number one defense in the league (albeit a banged up one).

How many game winning plays in the playoffs has Josh Freeman completed?

That's not to say I support supplanting Free for Tebow-time - far from it. In my vision, Tebow is our short yardage and goal-line quarterback. He'll have four or five plays a game just for him to weave some magic pixie dust or Jesus juice or whatever the heck it is that makes this cat succeed when he should so obviously fail.

My reasoning for bringing the Tebow circus to town is two fold.

First, Josh is a big boy. He was handed the starting job. Getting a little competition and knowing that half the stadium is hoping you fail so the other guy gets his shot may be just the fire he needs to push himself to the next level. After all, if Josh Freeman can't handle a little competition with a guy like Tim Tebow - does Tampa Bay really want him as quarterback?

Second, it would cap the Bucs return to relevancy in the National spotlight. Tampa Bay made some big waves with their free agency spending spree last week. Add Tim Tebow and you're talking multiple nationally televised games.

In addition to that, you know Gator fans will flock to Raymond James like pilgrims on their way to Mecca to see their man stand on the sidelines holding a clipboard.

There would be a buzz about this football team in the bay area that we haven't seen since Jon Gruden told us we hadn't seen anything yet.

Some have said that it would be too much of a distraction for Freeman. As soon as he threw his first pick, the entire stadium would chant the Teb-ster's name. I submit to you, when has Tampa Bay not had a love affair for the backup quarterback?

Heck, last year I distinctly remember some fans saying, "We should give Josh Johnson a chance and see what he can do."

Tebow certainly isn't a cancer in the locker room and I'm certain he wouldn't divide it if Josh hit a rough patch. It's certainly not his style.

There would be no worries about blackouts in Tampa Bay if Tim Tebow is on this roster. According to Pro Football Talk, all it would take is a 5th round pick. Tebow makes a little over $1 million a season.

No impact on the cap, very little you have to give up to get him, but so much positivity and attention you could generate from bringing him in.

Why the heck not? Wouldn't it be fun to see a sold out Raymond James, filled to brim with fans excited to see their players take the field....even if their focus is just on one guy? We all due respect to Dan Orolovsky, he certainly can't give you that kind of bump.

I may be on the train to CrazyTown, but I have on my Tim Tebow Superman pajamas. Who's with me?

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