Draft Day Trade, Fan Feedback

I've Floated this idea a couple of times in comments and am convinced it's looking more and more like a possibility. It seems Cedric Benson's days in Cincinnati are over and given Mike Brown's love of big name running backs (RE: Kijana Carter and others) I can see them making a push to move up and take Trent Richardson. None of the other running backs are value picks at #17 or #21 and fielding a triplett lineup of Dalton-A.J. Green- Richardson for the foreseeable future certainly has to appeal to them.

I'm not saying Tampa is the ideal trading partner but were really the first team "at risk" of taking Richardson off the board ahead of them, more likely I think they target moving up in the 7-10 range of the draft but if they fall in love potential for a deal is there.

What would it cost Cincinnati? Both of the first rounder for starters #17 and #21 overall, plus a day 3 selection or a day two pic swap in 2013. IE Cincinnati's 4th round selection or Tampa Sending Cincinnati their 3rd round selection in 2013 in exchange for Cincinnati's 2nd round selection. Thats a big package to part with but about on par with the going rate.

A Couple of Questions for you the reader:

1) Would you make the deal to trade back?

2) Who would you be interested in in the middle of round one?

Players Tampa May be Interested in:

Johnathon Martin OT Stanford - Not highly likely to be there at #17 but could last, particularly with a less than stellar showing at the combine. Martin could be a RT instant upgrade for a season or two before shifting to LT.

MIchael Barron S Alabama - Not likely to be available, only true first round safety in this draft. Would be an automati starter at SS not the coverage skills that Eric Berry came with but still has exceptional range.

David DeCastro OG Standford - #1 Offensive Guard on the board, 50/50 chance of being there at #17, undisputed best guard in the class at the moment but not in the same category as Iupati, likely to be taken by the first mid-pick team that is looking for value over need.

Dre Kilpatrick CB - Big and physical Corner with some character issues but would seem to perfectly fit Schiano's defense and fill a huge need for us.

Janoris Jenkins CB N. Alabama/Florida- Ditto the character issue but undersized at 5'9 1/2" I expect him to fall some because he lacks elite speed but has certainly shown excellent man to man cover skills (when not trying to cover Chris Rainey)

Mike Adams OT Ohio St. - Bit of a mauler not really sure he'll be a LT at the Pro level but certainly an impressive RT prospect and has much better footwork than current RT Trueblood

Kendall Wright WR Baylor - Downfield vertical threat WR, route running is raw to the say the least but is likely to post a jaw dropping 40 time this weekend

Michael Floyd WR Notre Dame- No question about his down the field receiving talent...lots of questions about his work ethic comes across as lazy at times and has not progress much as a route runner in his time at Notre Dame

Cordy Glenn OG/OT Georgia - Big and nasty real road grader, could play either OG spot or RT. $50 cab ride to get around this guy, if you watched him do any pull blocking at Georgia you do have to wonder how a guy that big (graciously listed at 330 lbs) can pull that fast.

Vontaze Burlifect MLB Arizona St. - Nasty striker in the middle of a defense, decent in coverage violent in run support will need to adjust his game some to avoid continual penalties at the pro level

#3 Just listing this as an option moving back gives you a second opportunity to move back as well since lots of teams looking for defensive lineman (not a need of ours) will be looking for options in this pick range.

For more on Benson:;_ylt=AlYyJTW2aBXN.1PHfP3hXq5DubYF?slug=nfp-20120222_benson_doesnt_believe_he_will_remain_with_bengals

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