A couple nights ago I wrote a fanpost concerning Arrelious Benn. If you look back, it was a small article discussing his abilities and potential that I still firmly believe in..

For some unknown reason, the Buccaneers are having an extremely difficult time simply communicating with and (the end result) hiring a full compliment of coaches for their staff. These issues I will address later in the article.

Free agency is FAST APPROACHING.. What is approaching just after that, is what i would like discuss with BucsNation... THE DRAFT

Ok, if I was a member of the Buccaneers staff, we would have alot to discuss.. 4 OPTIONS to be exact...... (stay with me, ill explain..)

1. Trading Down.. This an option i havent heard alot about from the fan base here which i honestly thought was surprising.. Why? Well, where are our flaws.. LINEBACKERS.. As much as it kills me to choke on those words, its true.. We are in need of (not physically gifted players although that would be nice) but rather backers who have a 'nose for the ball'; player who know where to be, and when to be there.. Coverage schemes will be addressed by our defensive minded Coach now hired and I feel alot of the problems will be faced head on.. But we need a secondary thats fixed from the foundation up- Linebackers, then secondary replacements (for Barber and Talib).

2. The next three options are linked together in this sub category- 1. Blackmon. 2. Richardson. 3. Claiborne.

Blackmon is incredible, but so are alot of Wr's that struggle comming out of college.. Claiborne is a 'shut-down' corner for sure.. But honestly, im not so sure that a CornerBack would be the place to start when it comes to resigning an entire secondary (give or keep Mason Foster).. Ill say this though- If Schiano doesn't go with a defensive player, (dont get me wrong, id be happy with Claiborne) Richardson would be my choice, if he falls... Then again, with there difficulties, trading down may be the smartest dicision.. Blackmon i dont feel is necessary when there are soooo many recievers available in FA.

The final question- Why can't Tampa hire anyone???

Honestly, this one, I dont know. Maybe the defense showed that when they start lossing, they give up.. COMPLETELY.. It's seriously a mystery.. I'd love to hear a complete explination of it from someone... Either way, next year should be better.

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