More Cornerback Talk

Cornerback is our biggest hole on our team. No doubt. So this year I am really focused on cornerback options.And we need to think about how our defense is run. Much like the Tampa 2 we didn't draft high draft picks because you could find a cornerback outside the 1st to specifically work in that system because of their skillset. Now last year when I said you don't necessarily have to find a cornerback in the 1st round to have a great defense especially in the secondary alot of people though I was crazy and I lost my damn mind. I asked before who are the top 10 CBs in the league right now. Lets just list some names of those guys and some other notable good CBs as of this year.

I may have missed some on both sides so yall can add some names but as of now its clear that more cornerbacks that are doing good are outside of the 1st round. And they key is most of them are tall. At least 6'0 or taller. That's the key especially with our defense. Now this draft has alot of CB's coming out this draft that are at least 6'0 this year. Now I'm not saying all CB's 6'0 are good but we need to take a look at them for sure and see if they are good at man to man coverage and can press WRs at the line and have good speed as well. Here are some names to watch for when draft talks heat up:

  • Dee Millner
  • Xavier Rhodes
  • David Amerson
  • Jordan Poyer
  • Logan Ryan
  • Desmond Trufaunt
  • Bradley Roby even though hes 5'11
  • Darius Slay
  • Carrington Byndom
  • Micah Hyde
  • Aaron Colvin
  • Kyle Fuller
  • Travis Howard
  • Terry Hawthorne
  • Prentiss Waggner who can play FS as well ( My personal sleeper favorite reminds me of Trumaine Johnson)

Of course the obvious statements are to get Dee Millner. Hes the best cornerback in the draft available. I like him but dont really love him at where he will be projected at. I dont see much of a dropoff of Millner at top 10 and Rhodes lower 1st early 2nd.I think we should grab Rhodes and one of those other CBs in the mid rounds between 2-5th. I personally would love Rhodes and Waggner in the draft.

Now we all know that we cant have an all rookie secondary. I dont know what they will do with Wright. I think he will be let go honestly. So I think we need one FA CB. I just realized that one of my personal favorite CBs from the Oregon State is a free agent. Keenan Lewis is a unrestricted FA this year hes a big physical CB fro the Steelers secondary that is second in the league in pass defended and the Steelers without Polomalu and Ike Taylor (smh at 4QB) for some games has led them along with Ryan Clark to the number 1 pass defense again. WOULD LOVE TO SEE THIS GUY HERE!!! and I really like Sean Smith too from MIA. Tall and strong with man to man coverage. DRC is the most popular pick. If we get him i wouldn't be mad but after his years with Philly I'm not sure if he has it anymore or was it just their system that made him look bad. Im not sure. Anyways chime in and let me know what you think.

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