Who's To Blame?

Greetings Bucs Nation! I don't comment or write too often on the site but I do love reading and hearing fellow fan's thoughts. So please let me know your feedback!

Things aren't so optimistic here in Bucs Nation. Seems like our beloved Bucs are toying with our emotions: holding a lead going into the 4th quarter only for them to find a way to lose. But as a fan, whom do you blame? Here are a list of suspects that I've gathered but feel free to list your own in the comments.

Josh Freeman - Of course every time something goes wrong, the first person to get the blame is the QB. It's his team. He touches the ball every snap and is the field general on offense. At times he's flashed the ability to be a franchise QB but his issue has always been consistency. How many times have you screamed at your screen because he missed his target by a mile? Or just simply been amazed at the fact that somehow that ball WASN'T intercepted? A few people on this site simply don't believe in Freeman and that we need to get another QB to replace him or add some serious competition to the spot.

Greg Schiano - Granted he's done some great things to our team the first year. He's finally brought the discipline that our team had desperately lacked last year but he's also done things that make you question his decision making. His misuse of Blount. Getting national attention for all the wrong reasons when he decided to rush the kneel down. But is he too conservative on his in game calls? I thought Sander had written an excellent article about Schiano being too conservative in his play calling. Wouldn't you want a coach who will go for it on 4th down when we need to score and not have to rely on our pass defense? A coach who will pass on 3rd and 10 instead of running the halfback draw? A guy who tries to PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! I know I do.

Bill Sheridan - He's running Schiano's scheme right? So maybe it's more on Schiano than Sheridan but somebody definitely has to take the blame for this heinous pass defense. I can't believe the fact that we may be the first defense in NFL history to give up an average of over 300 yards passing a game. That's pathetic. Hell we almost gave up 400 yards to Nick Foles this Sunday. But Sheridan did come with bad history. We've all heard about Sheridan's epic failure with the NY Giants defense, one that on average (I believe) gave up over 40 points a game. That eventually got him fired and Perry Fewell took over and things went back to normal. The blitzes, the three man rush, the stunts. We all hate these play because they all frustrate the hell out of us.

Mark Dominik - The guy making all these decisions. A polarizing figure in the Bucs community. Some of him want to praise him for drafting the likes of Martin, Barron, David, etc but some of us also want to crucify him for his other sins. Michael Clayton / Quincy Black's contract, the trading away our best cornerback when clearly that's our weakest link, handling of his draft picks, etc.

Injuries / Suspensions - We had Bowers go on IR before the season even began, we've lost Clayborn, Joseph, Nicks, Benn, Black, Grimm, etc. The list goes on. Perhaps our record wouldn't be as bad had the bug not bitten us. Who knows? Maybe we would be a lot more optimistic as our team would find a way to get / stop that last touchdown to win the game? Maybe if the NFL had never suspended both Talib and Wright that our season would be playing out differently. I sure feel better about Talib, Wright, and Gaitor lining up against opposing receivers than Biggers, Johnson, and Gorrer. All teams face these same issues and this clearly exposed a lack of quality depth.

The Mayans - Because we only have 10 days left right? Am I right?

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