I told ya so!!!

Well Fellow Bucs fans I want to take the time today to tell alot of you all that I told ya so. It feels good to do so by the way. Now you all know that I am very critical. And If i dont like im going to speak on it. Just like the next Bucs fan will. However I am a little bit more optimistic than other fans as well. I mean we do have some around here right? Lol. So at the beginning of the season I pegged us with a 10-6 record and us making the playoffs. Im sticking by that. But lets go over some of the things that I did call out that I was right about. Now Im not right all of the time but we aint talking about that right now are we? Lol. But lets go over some things that I have been right about so far and some other facts that we kind of overlook.

My Predictions

  • Even with the loss of Nicks i still believd that we would be ok as far as running the ball and with pass protection. I did NOT expect to see what the hell I saw from Martin yesterday. WOW! also I have to give props to Ted Larsen a guy who I think is terrible and very been critical of since hes been on the team. He played a hell of a game. Him and Zuttah did the damn thing up the middle. Lets keep it up because we are going to need it.
  • I predicted the Bucs would win by 10. I think it was Jben05 that was asking me was i still sure that the game was over and that we would pull it off. Even when it got close i was still confident in us winning because either the defense would make a play or we would score again on offense. Im just glad that my prediction held true.

Key facts

  • The remainder of our games will be determined by us being carried by our offense. We have to score points. We have the firepower to win shootouts either by throwing the ball or running it.
  • We gave up 22 total yards rushing. I repeat. 22 total yards rushing. WE HAVE THE NUMBER 1 RUSH DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE. Complete 180 from last year being dead last.
  • We gave up 414 pass yards. Not good. But Palmer threw the ball 61 times. And also threw 3 picks. My expectations for the defense was never that high to beginning of the season anyways and even with the all the passing yards given up they take the ball away. 3rd in the league in INTs and 13th in total TDS given up via pass.
  • This will be Myron Lewis's last year here. He sucks. I have given up on him and lost hope for him.
  • I dont like EJ Biggers on the outside in 1 on 1 matchups alone with no safety. He gets beat because his awareness isnt that high and hes usually in position to make the play but just gets lost. Im not so down on Biggers as others are because I believe he can be a solid slot CB. I know Sander disagrees with that but again im right most of the time anyways. He knows this lol.
  • Leonard Johnson was a steal in undrafted free agency and i was one of the early one that said watch out for him.
  • Ronde Barber needs to be put a CB and let Ahmad Black be our FS. He has consistently made plays almost every time he is in the lineup. He had a FF a key onside kick recover and an INT. Barber makes plays at times but he also misses alot of tackles and is a liability in coverage as well.
  • Lavonte David should be addressed as MR. DAVID. He is a grown man. Hes everywhere. I love him.
  • Eric Wright needs to step it up. Somehow someway hes got to step it up.
  • Kudos to the defensive line. Bowers records a sack for the second week in a row. Alot of people are asking what happened to McCoy? Well he is getting doubled constantly but he continues to be disruptive and Bennett is playing at a pro bowl level.
  • Freeman had a great game too. Ive been critical on him as well. He still made some WTF throws but overall his mistakes were minimal and he was efficient.
  • Finally Doug E Fresh is a beast. That is all.

We are a half game back out of the last playoff spot behind the Seahawks. Also the Vikings who i am not counting on to stick around are also a half game ahead of us. And the Lions have the tiebreaker in front of us at 4-4 now but our main competition is the Seahawks. So lets root for them and the Lions to lose every week from here on!!!!

10-6 and playoffs is a realistic goal yall!!! GO BUCS

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