If the Bucs beat the Broncos. Expect a deep run in the playoffs.

In no way shape or form I think the Bucs can beat this team. Not a chance in hell. The Broncos beat us on every level and then some. Let's start with them beating us on every level. Then we'll get into the "then some".

First off. The Broncos will be the best defense we have faced this year. But our offense is on "fire" right? Yeah, we are. But not against a defense that ranks in the top 10 at every level. The Bucs may score 24 points. Do you think that's enough? I don't.

NFL teams are smart. They know how to adjust. The only reason we have the best run defense in the league, is because we have the worst pass defense in the league. Why would you run the ball when you can pass on us 400 yards a game. We don't get pressure on quarterbacks. Don't expect any on Sunday. What you can expect is Peyton Manning throwing 4 TDs. That's gonna happen guys.

On the defensive side. The Broncos are gonna come at Freeman with force. They are very good. They have 9 forced fumbles off quarterbacks this year. The most out of any NFL team. Their comin. I'll leave it at that. I'm not gonna get to deep in what i said before, but in all of the phases of defense for the Broncos. Their top 10.

As for what I said about "then some". It's very simple. We're traveling. We're traveling to a different time zone. We're traveling to cold weather, We're traveling to a different altitude. This is clearly our hardest game of the year. But...

What if we win? What if we figure out their formula and actually win? If that happens. My goodness. We will be a playoff team, and we will go deep. If we can find a way to beat the Broncos on Sunday. There is no doubt in my mind we make the playoffs. Not only make the playoffs, but win 1 or 2 games. If we lose. We're not out. But if we do make the playoffs. Don't expect a win.

The Bucs have yet to beat a good quarterback this season. The time is now. If the Bucs can beat this team. Then they will know how to truly beat any team... and if everything falls apart. Suck it. I know this team is about to give me good memories for years to come!

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