NFL Power Rankings Week 13 - Bucs drop one spot

Al Messerschmidt

The national power rankings are out, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers drop a few spots. No surprise with a loss, but the consensus is still that the Bucs are in contention for a playoff spot with a 12th overall ranking, one spot down from last week's rankings.

SB Nation - 12th (down from 11th):

After winning four in a row, the Bucs finally go down. How's this for a murderer's row in three of their final five games: at Denver, at New Orleans, at Atlanta. Those are separated by games against the Eagles and Rams but still, that's a hell of a lineup when you need to go 4-1 down the stretch.

ESPN - 12th (down from 10th):

Losing at home to the Falcons was costly with trips to Denver, New Orleans and Atlanta still to come. (Elliot Harrison) - 12th (down from 11th):

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers can't move up in the rankings, or make the playoffs, or be considered a contender until they take care of bidness at home against quality teams. The Falcons were there for the taking, and Connor Barth's 56-yard miss is not the reason Tampa couldn't finish the job. The secondary is the biggest culprit. And now the Bucs are 6-5, as opposed to being in prime position for a wild-card slot.

Fox Sports (Brian Billick) - 11th (down from 9th):

The Bucs didn't help their playoff chances by losing on Sunday, but then again, they weren't hurt either. The Vikings, Saints and Seahawks all lost, too.

CBS Sports (Pete Prisco) - 14th (down from 12th):

That was a tough loss to the Falcons, but they are so much better than earlier in the season. They are one draft away from being really good.

Pro Football Talk - 14th (down from 12th):

Even Lane Kiffin thinks Greg Schiano had poor clock management late in the game against the Falcons.

Pro Football Weekly - 10th (up from 12th):

Couldn't get run game going, but playoff hopes still alive. Power Poll - 14th (down from 12th):

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