2013 Buccaneers Roster

I have always had a habit of creating depth charts for NFL teams. They would either be done before pre-season in order to predict what the roster will be, or be done at some point during the season, to predict what will be done in the upcoming offseason. I have decided to start one now, and would love to hear your opinions.

*Key: (RFA - Restricted Free Agent). (UFA - Unrestricted Free Agent). (R - Rookie). (FA - Free Agent).

*I have also included each players cap hit for the 2013 season; unless they are a RFA or UFA, in which case I put their current salary (Their current salary can dictate their market value for next season, which in turn can estimate their 2013 salary). *Also, in the cases of FA or R, I have filled in the salary of current players occupying those respective positions, which if taken linearly, can estimate the maximum salary that can be spent without increasing the cap figure.

2013 Buccaneers


QB: Freeman (9.76M). Orlovsky (1.5M).

RB: Martin (1.5M). Blount (RFA/re-signed - 540K). DJ Ware (UFA/re-signed - 1M). Smith (496K).

FB: Lorig (575K).

TE: FA (2.7M). R (555K). Stocker (656K).

WR: Jackson (13M). Williams (720K). Underwood (715K). Benn (1M). FA (390K).

T: Penn (6.33M). R (4M). Dotson (1.5M).

G: Nicks (12.5M). Joseph (6M). Meredith (800K). FA (600K).

C: Zuttah (4.12M). Larsen (595K).


DE: Bennett (UFA/re-signed - 2.74M). Clayborn (748K). Bowers (1M). Te'o-Nesheim (540K).

DT: McCoy (10.9M). R (540K). Miller (UFA/re-signed - 1.56M). Gibson (1.15M).

LB: Foster (759K). David (789K). FA (5.5M). Watson (590K). Hayward (1.25M). R (531K).

CB: R (1.85M). Wright (7.75M). FA (1.45M). Johnson (482K). Gaitor (468K). LeQuan Lewis (480K).

SS: Barron (3.287M). FA (575K). R (540K).

FS: R (3M). Black (600K).


K: Barth (2.3M).

P: Koenen (3.25M).

LS: Economos (UFA/re-signed - 800K).


RFA/re-signings: 1

UFA/re-signings: 4

R: 7

FA: 6

The following players will be released: LB Quincy Black. LB Goode. FS Grimm. CB Myron Lewis. CB Keith Tandy. TE Byham. WR Owusu.

The following players are the top Buccaneer FAs that will NOT be re-signed: FS Barber (Retirement). TE Clark. T Trueblood. CB Biggers. WR Stroughter.

The Bucs should have about 23M in cap space this offseason, which will allow for another year of good signings.

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