Not to say I told you so....but I did. But don't hate me just yet.

I know that a lot of people will think, "wow, way to toot your own horn..." And yeah I probably deserve that. I'm not gonna sugar coat the fact that I'm writing this to get some love from the guys who commented on this original article:

-----Freeman isnt a riddle, he's a Bicycle....

Take the training wheels off and he'll be just fine.

Freeman has surely had some bad games.Eli Manning had a lot of games that were worse than Freeman's. I can remember joking that he and Rex Grossman were in a battle to see who could turn the ball over more in one season back in 2006-2007. Suddenly it all clicked. I know for a fact that I have watched at least three games where Eli was responsible for 6 turnovers. That is absolutely unacceptable, yet now he has two Super Bowl rings.

He too would show flashes of ability but then just be totally boneheaded and throw games away. Freeman has been very good in the past. In 2009 and 2010 he was completely fearless in the way he played. He pulled the trigger with all the hesitation of Rambo...... Lets go back briefly; 1) 2009 vs the Packers in the throwback game. Freeman hits Stroughter on a pump and go corner route from within the redzone (ironically it was in the exact place that Santonio Holmes made an almost identicle catch to beat theCardinals in the Super Bowl) 2) 2010 with the clock almost at zeros the Buccs defense takes the ball away from theBengals, Freeman throws about a 30 yard laser low and away to Spurlock and sets up the game winning FG. 3) 2010 vs the Panthers Freeman breaks two tackles in the backfield while fading to his right....then throws a rocket to Winslow just before he gets to the sideline for about a 35 yard gain. These are just a couple small examples.

4) watch this video:

NFL scouts have wet dreams about QBs who can make those kind of throws in those kind of situations. So if you want the Buccs to go get some rookie that might not even be able to hit a 25 yard out route then you go ahead and hope for that. My hope is that the Glazers are smart enough to hire the right offensive people until they find somebody who can quit holding him back. I feel like this coaching staff, while I love what they've done with the defense, has probably filled his head full of "don't turn it over" and "running and defense, you don't have to win it, just don't loose it" type of thinking. Every time he's ever been unleashed (like those 4th qtr comebacks he's known for) he has played really well and moved the team right down the field. Let him play free. Let him use his instincts. That's all they have to do.------

But I swear Schiano and Sullivan read my post going into the bye week. Those guys made some serious improvements in that short break and shocked a lot of people with just how aggressive they were on offense after that bye. I wrote that post on October know, when half the people on here were looking ahead to the likes of Matt Barkley or the majorly overrated Geno Smith. There was even people calling for Dan Orvlosky to play. I couldn't believe that people had put so much of the blame on Freeman when it seemed so obvious that the offense was holding him back.

As a side note did ya'll know that the only teams scoring more points per game than the Buccs have Peyton Manning and Tom Brady as their QBs?? Pretty cool if you ask me.

Anyway, I've said my peace and I don't want you guys to take this the wrong way. I love the Buccs and I love this site.......and hell I'd even go as far as to say I like a few of you guys. ;) I'm just giving you guys a hard time for losing faith so quickly. Thanks for all the comments and lets go kick the crap out of the Panthers tomorrow! Go Buccs!!!!

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