Chip Kelly should have been our coach.

The dude is amazing. He is on par to gain as much weight every year as AP is to rushing yards. That shows commitment. The guy can eat. He should be coaching in a bathtub on 4 wheels next to Rex Ryan any day now.

I especially love how he handles the point after attempts. That Ruffles mother f*@cker really brings it to the defense. He pulls 4 guys to the left and pulls 4 guys to the right sideline! I know. Mind blown! But then. He brings them back. I know right? He brings them the f%&k back! Mind blown again. They kick the extra point. It's good. Mind blown. That's 3 mind blows in one down. At this point I have 2 things going through my head. 1: I'm so fatigued by the trickery I can hardly stand it. 2: How is this guy such a good coach that he can make all these extra points after a touch down? Simply amazing.

Look. I don't care what people say, but this is a college coach, He turned the Bucs down as our first choice. I love mark Dominik, But Ruffles Kelly made the best choice for our team. He said he would come. Then he said he wouldn't. That second thought for him just made the Bucs a team to be scared of for years to come. Schiano doesn't use smoke and mirrors like Ruffles does. He coaches players up. That's actually something to talk about. What is better? Coaching players up. Or trickery?

Well lets take a look. I'm gonna start with the ole smoke and mirrors. I'm gonna just make one example to keep it short. It's actually only 2 words that we can all relate to. Wild cat. O yeah! Wild cat! Wait... what? They still use that? Hell yeah they still use that. look at Tim what's his name. That ish is alive and well... maybe not.

Smoke and mirrors will give you a few plays a year until your opponent figures it out. I'm pretty sure the wild cat stuck around at the most. 2 years. Now it's just funny. College football is not pro football. Not even close. A real Coach will bring the best out of you. For example...

I saw today that Ron Rivera almost completely blamed his offensive lineman on there losses. He said they were in shambles. Ok I get it. you can't protect your quarter back. That should be reason enough. Right? But wait. Our Offensive line is in shambles. But for some odd ball reason we are still protecting our quarterback. That's not smoke and mirrors. That's not trickery. That's players that want to play for their coach. That's players that want to play for their team, and believe they can win.

I don't want trick plays in Tampa. I don't want guys to get comfortable in there position. I don't want Ruffles Kelly doing trick plays. I want a guy that coaches up his athletes to the best of there potential. I'm not banking on playoffs this year. But I am banking on great things to come.

Coaching is hard. Some people have it. Some people don't. Ruffles has it a college level. No doubt. But his wacky style won't make it in the NFL. Mark my words. If that man wants good days ahead of him. He should stay in college.

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