Just thinking about our win and have to give out some kudos! DAMN IT FEELS GOOD!

Well first of all it was great to watch the Bucs on a primetime game for once. We will get our respect eventually. We have a good team. We just need to be more consistent. But we are getting their. But lets give some kudos out and some people who really stood out to me.

  • Doug Martin is a beast. Nothing else should be said about this. Hopefully this stops the talk of him not being a starting back and Blount starting over him once and for all. If we use Martins strengths and allow him to run to the outside as I have been begging for since week one and let him catch out the backfield its a wrap.
  • Michael Bennett is playing at an All Pro level right now. I wonder how he will be used when Bowers and Clayborn are back together healthy.
  • The Bucs O-Line played a beast of a game. Only allowing one sack and creating holes for Martin all day. This line has caught alot of flack but they really stepped up.
  • The Bucs pass defense. Every week we complain about how they suck and how terrible they are and how many yards they given up. Well this game we only gave up 251 yards passing. We also notched another interception that keeps up amongst the top in the NFL in that category along with only giving up 1 TD which is also amongst the top as well.
  • The Bucs Defense as a whole. Yes they gave up the one 64 yd TD to AP. But its AP. But other than that we held him in check and forced a fumble from him. We also forced another fumble and managed to takeaway the ball 3 times during the game. Also forcing numerous 3 and outs and getting 3 sacks was pretty good.
  • I noticed Leonard Johnson on the first play starting on the outside and I was watching for him all game. He played a hell of a game and showed up big. He had one INT that I thought he had made waived off and should have been challenged by the booth. But glad he got one at the end of the game.
  • Mike Williams is really benefiting from Vincent Jackson and so is Tiquan Underwood. Im so glad we got rid of Preston Parker and Underwood is our slot guy.
  • Coach Schiano didnt screw up this week. No bonehead calls by him. No questionable clock management screw ups. Overall he prepared the troops very well.

Kudos to them all and kudos to the Bcs getting the win. Now lets win at Oakland and get to .500!

You got some kudos let me know in the comments.

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