Hang with a Norseman

Heya all you Buc's fans! Long time no see! Always interesting to play against a team that used to be in the olf NFC Central division with us. So this here's a post so we can get together and chat about the teams that will be playing Thursday night. That's right your Buc's are facing my (well not MINE MINE) Vikes on national TV! Yeah seeing as how we aren't the media darlings of other teams I'm pretty sure this might be the only nationally televised game either of us will be playing unless we fall into the play offs.

So question and answer time! I'll start off. Vincent Jackson was he worth the price? The Vikes have been thin at receiver for what seems to be forever. I know he demanded a ton of coin but a lot of people in the great white wanted him wearing purple this year. So is he worth his salt?

How about McCoy? Looks like a solid pick up now, without all of Suh's crazy head aches. Is he your lone gunman on the defensive line or do you have some others that light it up? While on the Aquib Talib, is he supposed to be playing Thursday? Personally I'm hoping he's not... We picked up the second safety in the draft this year with Harrison Smith and he has done some down right amazing things for us. Has Barron given you guys the same level of play?

Now let's hit some offense I'm sure you all have endless tireless discussions on the validity of your QB's level of play and should he or shouldn't he be replaced, well I just have two things to ask off the top of my head. Is he very mobile (we have problems with that) and how is he with intermediate passing? We've been pretty strong at stopping the deep and short stuff but the mid field is pretty open. :p

Couple more, who do you think your most under rated player is on offense and defense? Would you trade your coach for a toaster? (a really nice one) Last what are your predictions for the final score of the game?

Feel free to ask any questions you have about the Vikes, (yes we just as shocked as you about our current standings) either I or one of my hardy norsemen will be happy to answer any question you want.

By the way my prediction for the final score 23- 13 Vikes. Skol to a good game and no injuries!

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