Freeman might be done soon.

Freeman has potential. But at the end of the day if you cant get over that hump then eventually the team will have to move on. We don't even have a person in place to even challenge him for his spot even if we did want to go in another direction. Not even a half decent veteran backup, nor a potential young QB that could be developed either. Freeman is Mark Sanchez without the wins. He has been handed this job and has been pacified with no threat of losing his job. And right now I have seen no improvement from last year whatsoever. Could he improve? Yes. But how long will it take? Can we afford to wait like the 49ers did Alex Smith, (who was benched numerous times and had to restructure his contract to remain with the team and the 49ers had a backup plan ready in Colin Kapernick. And even still Smth had a good season last year but the 49ers aren't surviving on offense with Smith's arm. So he isn't a franchise QB. He works with their system. However we view Freeman as that franchise QB and I believe that he is not a franchise QB.

I'm not saying we need to start Dan Orlovsky but I believe that there are QBs out there now that are available for trade or FA that can be obtained as a backup that are better than Danny O. Lets see how Freeman reacts to some real competition and see if he is really the "franchise QB". If he still struggles then we put someone else in who is hungry and wants to compete and get it done. Now Sander listed many QBs that took a while to get over the learning curve and became great QBs. Well I have a list of QBs that were first round picks that were expected to be franchise QBs and didnt get the chance to last because the franchise finally said enough is enough.

As of 2000:

Chad Pennington

David Carr

Patrick Ramsey

Byron Leftwich

Kyle Boller

Rex Grossman

J.P. Losman

Jason Campbell

Vince Young

Jamarcus Russell

Brady Quinn

Matt Leinart

Not going to count Tim Tebow

The jury is still out on Sam Bradford.

*Jay Cutler was drafted by the Broncos then later traded but it still didn't work out with the original team that drafted him*

Now some of these QBs just couldn't stay healthy, Pennington, Ramsey, Leftwich..... But in the end the majority of the people on this list had a good amount of time to get it done with the team that drafted them and they just weren't able to live up to the expectations. Some of these QBs were able to lead their teams to winning records and to the playoffs, Pennington, Tebow, Boller, Grossman, Young...and all of these QBs except for Russell, Leinart, Quinn, and Ramsey had at least one good year at least just like Freeman does.

At the end of the day my point is that we should not be so attached to Freeman like he is so invaluable and that he cant be replaced. He can. He might. But we must stop playing the wait another year and keep making excuses for Josh Freeman to blossom into a consistently good QB. This is not a good plan at all and I hope we make a move to at least have a decent plan B just in case the Bucs finally say enough is enough.

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