My overall observations on the Bucs and the season so far.

First of all I'm happy that we won and I think this will give us that spark to string along a nice winning streak and put us back in the mix of the playoff hunt which we are only technically 2 games back from everyone else with a whole lot of games left.

First of all we have got to give it up for our run defense. I get on Schiano very hard but he has improved our weakest link on our defense last year and it was stopping the run. Its going under the radar but I have noticed. We will struggle against bigger stronger backs because we are a fast and undersized group. But I love our run defense. Everybody still knocks our pass defense because of the yards given up but we have given up the least amount of pass TDs in 4 and have 8 interceptions and have only given up 20.2 point per game which is 12th so even though we gave up alot a yards especially during the Giants game in the air our pass defense is not that bad... Its pretty solid outside the 4th quarter of the Giants game.

Freeman had an decent game. Still very inconsistent and I hope the coaches realize that they should let him take more deep shots downfield and let him check down to Martin more often. The offense wasn't very balanced in the first half but as we pulled away we were able to run the ball better especially when let Martin cut to the outside more and we let Blount get some runs too. We need to run the ball more than 5 or 6 times in one half and run it like you did in the fourth quarter.

Wright has been very solid this year and he deserves credit. Biggers also had a very good game. I still don't like him on the outside one on one with no safety help. We got away with it with the Chiefs but don't think it will work long term. I think he can hold it down until Talib comes back. O line has been very good this year in pass protection all year long. Not so much in the rushing department but it was OK this past game. D line was OK for the most part. Quinn got the ball out pretty quick and even though we didn't get sacks they did get pressure and stop the run.

Barron and David are monsters and I think either one of them will get DROY.

I think we will beat the Saints but we wont get much credit for it because they are 1-4 and they probably will be favored to win but it is what it is. I don't think its a game where we aren't favored to lose. Oh well.

Falcons are still overrated to me but keep pulling away with wins. But their schedule gets harder. Keep that in mind.

We are still in it. I still am sticking with my prediction of 10-6 and getting into the playoffs.

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