Daily Bucs Links 1/3/12 - Raheem Morris fired, Coaching Candidates discussed

Bucs fire Morris, entire coaching staff | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Everyone's gone.

Bucs fire Raheem Morris after late-season collapse - Shutdown Corner - NFL Blog - Yahoo! Sports
More thoughts on Raheem Morris being fired.

Bucs fire head coach Raheem Morris | TBO.com
Stories everywhere.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire coach Raheem Morris after 10-game losing skid - ESPN
ESPN's story.

Bucs fire head coach Raheem Morris | Fox Sports Florida
More stories.

Just replacing Raheem Morris won't cure Tampa Bay Buccaneers' problems - Tampa Bay Times
The problems run deeper than that.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers fire head coach Raheem Morris - Tampa Bay Times
More stories on his firing.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' potential coaching candidates - Tampa Bay Times
An exhaustive list.

Who could be next for the Bucs? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
More candidates.

Who's next? A look at who could be the Bucs' next coach | TBO.com
Even more candidates.

Black Monday: Raheem Morris fails to contain Bucs' regression - NFL - Sporting News
Raheem clearly saw this coming.

ProFootballWeekly.com - Chudzinski should be at top of Bucs' short list
Chudzinski does look like a good candidate.

Potential Coaching Candidates For Tampa Bay | Pewter Report
More lists of coaching candidates.

Bucs not sure which direction to go with new coach - NFL - Sporting News
Lots of options.

Five key issues Bucs need to address | TBO.com
Lots of issues.

Raheem Morris Fired by The Tampa Bay Buccaneers - SB Nation Tampa Bay
JC De La Torre with a list of possible head coaching candidates in addition to a story on Raheem Morris.

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2012 NFL Draft Order: Top-20 Set Pending Two Coin Flips - SBNation.com
The full draft order for those who want to know.

Where they rank on offense, defense - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Bucs rank low.

So You Want to be an NFL Films Cameraman? : NFL Films Blog
Don't film in front of the pirate ship.

Bucs fire Raheem Morris | Tampabay.com - St. Petersburg Times
A mini-podcast about Raheem's firing.

Black Monday: Raheem Morris fails to contain Bucs' regression - NFL - Sporting News
And thus, he's fired.

Bucs players struck by Morris' dismissal | TBO.com
They can't really be surprised.

Bucs made only logical move - NFC South Blog - ESPN

[Video] NFL Videos: Morris out in Tampa Bay
NFL Network discusses the firing.

Morris Relieved of Duties | Buccaneers.com
The Bucs' own story.

Bucs fans say firing Morris was a good move | TBO.com
The fanbase was ready for change.

Glazer: 'Brighter days ahead' for Bucs - NFC South Blog - ESPN
I sure hope so.

FOOTBALL OUTSIDERS: Innovative Statistics, Intelligent Analysis | Final 2011 DVOA Ratings
Final judgement: the Bucs had a terrible year.

Bucs Players React to Morris' Firing | Pewter Report
They're not happy about it.

Glazer says Bucs told league they're done playing in London | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
That should make the fans in Tampa happy - although that probably means some more blackouts in the short term.

Steve Spagnuolo, Raheem Morris built teams capable of winning soon - Don Banks - SI.com
There's talent, here. There needs to be more talent and a new coach - and the Bucs could easily win next season.

First-time head coaches still have reason to believe they'll return to the top - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
I'm convinced Raheem Morris will be a good head coach some day.

Bucs' Glazer: We'll spend whatever it takes to win | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Saying all the right things.

Bucs players say firing Morris might not be the only change | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Some players are going to be cut or not be brought back.

[Video] Joel Glazer's Press Conference, 1/2/2012 | Buccaneers.com
One press conference.

[Video] GM Mark Dominik Press Conference, 1/2/2012 | Buccaneers.com
And another one.

Defenses cost Spagnuolo and Morris - Stats & Info Blog - ESPN
That was certainly part of the problem. You can make the argument he'd still be here if the defense had been good.

Fennelly: Freeman is top priority for next Bucs coach | TBO.com
Getting him back on track should be the Bucs' focus.

Bucs notes: Players seek fresh start | TBO.com
They'll get one - some of them with different teams.

Another London trip not in Bucs' plans | TBO.com
No more London.

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