2012 Buccaneers?

First thing's first. When they announced Schiano was our guy, I was disappointed. I felt like I was set up by Jimmy Kimmel on one of those "Give your kids a bad Christmas present" scheme. I felt like it was Christmas Morning, I was so excited to get the new "Red Rider BB Gun," and instead ended up with a set of pink bunny pajamas. The Buccaneers have named their new head coach: Greg Schiano. Greg WHO?!

I was bummed until I heard the man speak. It was much different than Raheem. I could actually understand what he was saying. That's not a dig at Raheem's lack of skill in actually talking, but everything he was saying just made sense. He looked genuinely excited to be here. Not just excited to get a promotion to the NFL, but genuinely excited to be the new face of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He hit every topic in which we need. The best part of all, he exuded the confidence that he can turn it around. We needed a leader. That just might be what we've found in Coach Schiano.

"Run the football physically and take shots down the field. That formula works."

Yes coach, it does. As long as we have the right talent for it. It's hard to judge our talent we have here in Tampa, fairly. We have seen sparks in everyone, but we are missing major pieces to the puzzle. This season we have major questions, that hopefully can get answered.

We were bad last season. B-A-D, BAD. Across the board bad.Was it Blount's lack of vision or the line's lack of opportunities? Was it Freeman's lack of skill, or the line not holding/receivers not getting open? We have no deep threat to take the top off of the defenses. Will the Glazers finally spend the money we've all been hearing about? There are big name free agents out there to fit some of our needs. DeSean Jackson? He's pretty fast. Ray Rice? You remember him right coach? Not that they're looking to part ways from where they are, but it wouldn't hurt to try. RIGHT?

If it were me, I'd go for DeSean Jackson. He'd be my free agency priority. He's a headcase, I get it...but it would be nice to be able to stretch the field. Ray Rice: that's just a pipe dream. It wouldn't happen, but it would be interesting to see if he'd like to reunite with his former coach. We need O linemen bad. Target them as well. As for defense: "Yes, I'd like one of everything please." I'd build through the draft though. Maybe a free agent line backer. Curtis Lofton, Anthony Spencer, Stephen Tulloch or maybe end/linebacker hybrid. Mario Williams would do.

At the 5 spot in the draft, I say we take Richardson. We don't know if Blount is "the guy" but remember last time we were 4th and we skipped on a talented RB? His name was Adrian Peterson. He'd be nice to have, don't you think? Maybe we don't make that same mistake twice? (No I'm not comparing the 2, but Richardson's talent is undeniable.) We need a corner. Ronde is a legend, and is welcome in my book for as long as he's willing. But is he?

Talib, his talent is there but is his brain? He's trouble with a capital T. I'm still not sold. If we take Richardson at 5, and b/c of his troubles (which I'm not a fan of since Talib), Janoris Jenkins drops to the 2nd round, that's best case scenario for me. I'd play the best available game from their on. I'm just a fan though. A fan with high hopes, and high expectations.

T.B.A Coach? Ok. I'll buy in. I'll Trust you. I'll Believe in you. And yes, I will definitely hold you Accountable!

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