Daily Bucs Links 1/27/12 - Everything on Greg Schiano

Who is Greg Schiano? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
The Bucs' next head coach.

The scouting report on Greg Schiano - NFC South Blog - ESPN
More info.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Plan to Hire Greg Schiano of Rutgers [UPDATE: Schiano Has Been Hired] | The Big Lead
He's in.

Bucs to hire Schiano as next head coach - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Will he succeed?

Schiano has a lot to offer -- but not to Buccaneers - NFL - CBSSports.com News, Rumors, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice
Harsh, bro.

Greg Schiano big on structure, discipline - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Well, that's good.

Greg Schiano agrees to 5-year deal with Tampa Bay Bucs - Tampa Bay Times
Making it a 5-year deal is very important.

It's Official: Schiano's The One For The Bucs | Pewter Report
Everyone has a Schiano story.

Greg Schiano accepts Buccaneers job - CBSSports.com

Bucs hire Rutgers' Greg Schiano as new coach | Fox Sports Florida
It's going to be interest.

Leader of Men: Schiano Named Bucs' Ninth Head Coach | Buccaneers.com
A leader of men, as opposed to a leader of children.

ProFootballWeekly.com - Schiano a good fit as builder for Bucs
We'll see.

Schiano's reputation as disciplinarian attracted Bucs - NFL - Sporting News
They do lack discipline.

Bucs make commitment to Schiano they didn't with Morris | National Football Post
A long-term deal.

Buccaneers fly under radar with Schiano hire | Fox Sports Florida
Again. Sneaky.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers hire Rutgers Scarlet Knights' Greg Schiano as coach - ESPN
More info.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't play it safe with Greg Schiano hire - Tampa Bay Times
It's a relatively safe hire.

Reaction to Greg Schiano's move to Bucs | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
Everyone has reactions.

NFL.com news: Surprise: Buccaneers turn to Rutgers' Schiano as next coach
The Glazers always do the surprising thing.

Rutgers' Greg Schiano becomes ninth head coach of Tampa Bay Bucs - Tampa Bay Times
Nine in 36 years. Average lifespan of four years.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' hiring of coach Greg Schiano gets mostly high marks - Tampa Bay Times

Insider: Glazers Take a Leap of Faith in Schiano | ESPN Florida | Florida's Sports Leader
It always is a leap of faith.

What the Buc? The Podcast! " Blog Archive " We got a Coach!
I appeared on the show to talk some Bucs, as did Steve White.

Greg Schiano: He's the Right Fit for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers - SB Nation Tampa Bay
Let's hope so.

Players think Schiano is right guy for Bucs' job | TBO.com
That's important.

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Oregon had already replaced Chip Kelly when he changed his mind | ProFootballTalk

Chip Kelly says he never took Buccaneers job - CBSSports.com

ProFootballWeekly.com - Jump from college to pros can be tough for coaches
It can be, but it doesn't need to be.

Schiano Tries To Buck Trend Of College Coaches That Fail In NFL | Pewter Report

If Schiano deal gets done, offensive coordiantor remains big question | tampabay.com & Tampa Bay Times
It's the biggest question, for now.

Raheem Morris turned down Vikings’ defensive coordinator job - The Insider - The Washington Post
Huh, really?

Deal done, but who will run Bucs' offense? - NFC South Blog - ESPN
My money's on Hue Jackson, for now.

Grading the NFL’s head coach hires – Audibles
Buccaneers: worst.

Belichick big believer in Schiano - NFC South Blog - ESPN

1-26-12 -- Adam Schefter - 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal
Adam Schefter talks Greg Schiano.

The CHOP - YouTube
Get a look at Greg Schiano's core beliefs.

Let's play trivia on Greg Schiano - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Random, useless trivia.

Greg Schiano leaves big shoes to fill - Big East Blog - ESPN
He did a good job at Rutgers.

Bucs' statements on Schiano - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Nothing interesting here.

[Video] NFL Videos: Buccaneers hire Greg Schiano
Yay, video.

Reaction to Greg Schiano hiring is mixed - CBSSports.com
Of course.

Schiano a surprise ... and a risk - CBSSports.com
He's relatively safe. As safe as college coaches get, anyway.

Is Schiano a beneficiary of the Harbaugh Effect? - CBSSports.com
There are some similarities, but Harbaugh had much more NFL experience.

Greg Schiano Fit Bucs Criteria | The Commish – Justin Pawlowski
Criteria they never made public.

1-26-12 -- JEREMY ZUTTAH - 620 WDAE
Jeremy Zuttah played for Schiano in college, and he talks about him.

Reflecting on jumps from college to NFL - NFC South Blog - ESPN
Not great, not horrible either.

How college coaches fare as NFL coaches - Tampa Bay Times
Not great, not horrible.

USF Bulls fans sort feelings of college tormentor Greg Schiano becoming coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Tampa Bay Times
"Yay, he's gone"?

Greg Schiano coaching history, other facts | TBO.com
Facts! I love facts.

New Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano's career - Tampa Bay Times
Not overly impressive so far.

NFL.com news: Dolphins expected to hire DC Coyle, OC Sherman by Friday
So that's Sherman gone as OC.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers aren't the first to court Greg Schiano | NJ.com
He's a popular guy, apparently.

As Greg Schiano leaves Rutgers, he leaves behind many incentives | NJ.com
That's a lot of money he left behind.

Bucs' Schiano no stranger to Tampa prep coaches | TBO.com

Fennelly: Is Schiano the right guy? Bucs fans will learn soon | TBO.com
Well, that's obvious.

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