Crystal Balls and Calculators: Projecting the 2011 Buccaneer Season




Call it what you will; soothsayer, psychic, oracle, clairvoyant, auger, seer. Bust out your tea leaves and crystal balls, because I've got an assignment for you Buc fans. Last year, we had a lot of fun trying to predict various stats and then seeing how we did at the end of the season. I've decided to do it again this year. Below I'll predict some random stats for our beloved Bucs and challenge you to do the same.

Each correct answer will be worth one point. Please make all yardage predictions in increments of 25 yards. If nobody gets the correct answer the closest person will be awarded a point. In cases of tie, both players will be awarded the point. After the season is over, we'll go back and tally everyone's score up and a winner will be announced and congratulated on the front page.

So here we go. Just copy and paste my predictions in the comments section and change the number to whatever your prediction is.  As reigning champion I welcome all challengers. I have made this a fanpost so more can participate this year. Since I am posting it just now, don't worry if you don't get it your predictions in before the game today. We'll give everyone a head start this week and make the deadline for picks next Saturday at 11:59pm. I will close comments to this post at that time and no new entries will be allowed. Good luck.

Total wins: 9

Total division wins: 3


Offensive statistics


Josh Freeman total TD (rushing and passing): 31

Josh Freeman total passing yards: 3,850

Josh Freeman interceptions: 12

Josh Freeman total times sacked: 31

Legarrette Blount total TD: 13

Legarette Blount total rushing yards: 1,375

Mike Williams total TD: 10

Mike Williams receiving yards: 1,175

Arrelious Benn total TD: 5

Arrelious Benn total receiving yards: 675

Kellen Winslow total TD: 8

Kellen Winslow total receiving yards: 850

Total Special Teams TD scored: 3

Total Special Teams TD allowed: 4


Defensive Statistics


Gerald McCoy total tackles: 43

Da'Quan Bowers total sacks: 5

Adrian Clayborn total sacks: 6

Michael Bennett total sacks: 3

Geno Hayes total tackles (solo + assisted): 91

Quincy Black total tackles: 82

Mason Foster total tackles: 108

Ronde Barber total interceptions: 2

Aqib Talib total interceptions: 9

Cody Grimm total interceptions: 4

Sean Jones total interceptions: 3

Tanard Jackson total games played: 9


Post Season Predictions


NFC South Division winner: Atlanta

NFC North Division winner: Packers

NFC East Division winner: Philly

NFC West Division winner: San Francisco

AFC South Division winner: Houston

AFC North Division winner: Pittsburgh

AFC East Division winner: New England

AFC West Division winner: San Diego

NFC Wild card teams: Cowboys, Bears

AFC Wild card teams: Jets Raiders

NFC champs: Philly

AFC champs: New England

Super Bowls champs: New England


Good luck everybody!

Content provided by a member of Bucs Nation and does not necessarily reflect the view or opinions of Bucs Nation.

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