Daily Bucs Links 8/6/11 - Aqib Talib back to football, Ronde Barber still fighting off challengers

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aqib Talib back in his comfort zone: the football field - St. Petersburg Times
Aqib Talib doesn't want to talk about his legal troubles, for obvious reasons. All he can do now is perform well on the field. 

Morris Hopeful Talib Can Play Entire Season | Pewter Report
Raheem Morris seems to agree with my reasoning: as long as the legal situation hasn't played itself out, Goodell is unlikely to take action against Talib. 

Receiver Arrelious Benn healing quickly for Tampa Bay Buccaneers - St. Petersburg Times
Arrelious Benn is progressing well and should have no problem being ready by the start of the season. 

Even at age 36, cornerbacks are still waiting to replace Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Ronde Barber - St. Petersburg Times
This is a really good piece on Ronde Barber - still fighting for a starting job. 

Live updates: Friday at Bucs camp | TBO.com
The Tribune's notes on yesterday's practice. 

Bucs Are Doing It the Right Way | Justin Pawlowski - 620 WDAE - The Sports Animal
Justin Pawlowski on why the Bucs are building their team right. 

[Video] 2011 Training Camp Day 6: Friday (Full Squad) | What The Buc?
What the Buc? talks about yesterday's training camp. 

Bucs' Free Night Practice At RJS Set For Saturday Night | Pewter Report
The annual night practice at Raymond James Stadium happens tonight. Too bad Gerald McCoy's shoulder injury might hold him out of this. 

Veteran O-Linemen See First Training Camp Action | Pewter Report
Hopefully these veteran offensive linemen can show some improvement this season. 

2011 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Season Preview - NYTimes.com
Always interesting, but filled with small inaccuracies and player assessments I disagree with. Mike Williams not a true #1 because he lacks vertical explosion? I guess Roddy White and Larry Fitzgerald aren't true #1s then.

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LeGarrette Blount working to improve pass-catching | Pro Player Insiders
Blount is working on his pass-catching, though the chances of him putting that to work in a game seem very slim. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers news and note Spurlock elated; Special Olympic athletes visit; quarterbacks stay busy; single-game tickets on sale - St. Petersburg Times
Some random notes from the St. Petersburg Times. 

Crowder Returns to Bucs | Buccaneers.com
The Bucs' own story on Crowder's return. 

The Philadelphia Eagles are winning free agency while the San Francicso 49ers move backward - ESPN
John Clayton lists the Bucs as one of the free agency losers. 

The NFL star and the brain injuries that destroyed him | Science | The Guardian
Football causes brain injuries. That's not really a surprise, is it?

Bucs Beat: Team stays true to rebuilding strategy | TBO.com
Sticking with THE PLAN. 

Bucs Report -Tribune staff: Breaking down Buc penalties - from TBO.com Sports
A quick breakdown of the penalties the Bucs committed last season. 

Bucs Q&A: Safety, running back spots may be thin | TBO.com
A bunch of new questions and answers in the Tribune's Q&A.

NFL Stats Blog: Reply to ESPN's "Total Quarterback Rating" (2010 Season)
This writer tried to replicate part of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating, using 2000-2010 as a benchmark. Josh Freeman is actually the 4th best QB by his measure. 

All Hands on Deck | Buccaneers.com
The Bucs' story on yesterday's practice. 

[Video] HC Raheem Morris Press Conference 08/05 | Buccaneers.com
Raheem Morris's press conference. 

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 8/5/11 | Buccaneers.com
THis time the guys from the Bucs' site talk to Davin Joseph.

A set of pictures from Day 5 | What The Buc?
Another practice, another What The Buc? image gallery.

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