Daily Bucs Links 8/25/11 - Running game getting off to a slow start, iPads used for playbooks, video

Bucs Unconcerned With Running Game’s Slow Start | Pewter Report
I'm a little concerned with that slow start. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers buy each player an iPad to hold playbook, videos - St. Petersburg Times
The Bucs have apparently done away with paper playbooks, instead giving every player an iPad, sending them the playbooks through the device, which also gives them access to the Bucs' video database. If someone loses his iPad, they can remotely delete all the content on it.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Miami Dolphins preseason game blacked out - St. Petersburg Times
As was claimed last week, the game against the Dolphins did not sell out in time to avoid a blackout. No one wants to go to a preseason game.

Frustrated Tampa Bay O-line Wants Redemption | Pewter Report
The offensive line needs to step up and play better for this team to do well. 

Some Wounded Buccaneers May Play Saturday | Pewter Report
The team is getting closer to being at full strength, as Arrelious Benn, Brian Price, Myron Lewis and Aqib Talib could play on Saturday.

Okam: Large impact for the Bucs' defense | Fox Sports Florida
Frank Okam has really made an impact this preseason, and he will get some playing time throughout the regular season. 

Ocho says he'll still pay rookie's $20K fine | Fox Sports Florida
Ochocinco still wants to pay Mason Foster's unforunate fine. 

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[Video] HC Raheem Morris Press Conference, 8/24 | Buccaneers.com
Yesterday's press conference.

[Video] Game in Photos | Buccaneers.com
Patriots - Buccaneers photos. 

[Video] Buccaneers Insider, 8/24/11 | Buccaneers.com
Insider talks to rookie TE Daniel Hardy and DT Frank Okam. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Aqib Talib won't disclose details of meeting with Roger Goodell - St. Petersburg Times
It could take a while before a suspension is announced - if he is even suspended this year. 

Talib rejoins Bucs after meeting with commissioner - NFL - Yahoo! Sports
Talib is still with the Bucs, for now. 

Talib Offers No Details Of Meeting With Goodell | Pewter Report
More stories on Aqib Talib. 

Another Bucs defender fined for hit on Patriots star |  tampabay.com & St. Petersburg Times
Undrafted rookie S Devin Holland smashed Danny Woodhead with an illegal blindside blow to the head last Thursday, and has been fined $10,000 for the infraction. That hit was a lot more malicious than Mason Foster's hit. Holland was also fined $5,000 for his hit on a defenseless punt returner in the preseason opener. 

Mason Foster fined $20,000 for hit on Ochocinco | ProFootballTalk
According to PFT, Mason Foster's fine will be reduced to 25% of a weekly game check, or $5,514.71, under new CBA rules. 

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