Season Predictions...

So with the 2011 season rapidly approaching lets take a look about possible records that our Bucs could end up with...

Week 1 - vs Detroit: Toss up (lean: win)

Week 2 - @ Minnesota: likely win

Week 3 - vs Atlanta: Toss up (lean: win)

Week 4 - vs Indy: Toss up (lean: loss)

Week 5 - @ San Fran: win

Week 6 - vs New Orleans: likely loss

Week 7 - vs Chicago (London game): Toss up (lean: win)

Week8 - bye

Week 9 - @ New Orleans: loss

Week 10 - vs Houston: likely win

Week 11 - @ Green Bay: loss

Week 12 - @ Tennessee: win

Week 13 - vs Carolina: win

Week 14 - @ Jacksonville: win

Week 15 - vs Dallas: Toss up (lean: loss)

Week 16 - @ Carolina: win

Week 17 - @ Atlanta: loss

Best Case Scenario: 12-4 - Maybe win the South but for sure get a wild card. Freeman keeps getting better and Williams has another monster season with Benn finally stepping up into his role. Blount has another sensational season and our O line stays healthy. Foster quickly adjusts to the starting role and embraces being a leader of our defense. Our young D line meshes and wrecks havoc on opposing quarterbacks allowing our spotty cornerback situation (with Ronde's age and Talib's up in the air status) to seem better than it really is. Our D line stays healthy all year and McCoy comes back from is injury at full strength with Bower's knee holding up. And... our new punter Koenen surprises all of us and lives up to that 6 year 19.5 million dollar contract we paid him by somehow winning us a game or two on special teams.

Worst Case Scenario: 8-8 - We lose all 4 games to the Falcons and Saints guaranteeing the Bucs watching the playoffs on the couch. While Freeman still is really coming into his own, Williams has a sophomore slump and the receivers can't really figure it out. Our O line can't stay healthy which makes Blount's work that much harder and our D line can't stay healthy putting even more pressure on our linebackers and secondary. The injuries add up like they did at the end of last year and we lose more stupid games that we hand to the other teams (like when we lost to the Lions at Raymond James so they could snap their NFL record of 26 consecutive road losses.)

Most Likely Scenario (my prediction): another 10-6 season - We continue to build on another year of experience but without any major additions through free agency we're looking at the exact same team as last year. We play well and Freeman has a couple more memorable come from behind victories in the 4th quarter/overtime. Experience seems to be the biggest thing we're playing for this year and hopefully everyone stays healthy. But with the Saints and Falcons in our division and the NFC having quite a few good teams it looks like we'll barely miss the playoffs again.

But who knows! Maybe Freeman plays even better than expected has all those crazy comeback victories, everyone stays healthy and Raheem is the coach of the year leading the Bucs all the way to the promised land!

What is everyone else thinking???

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